Coffee & Conversations - Dialog on Issues related to Law Enforcement and Security

Purpose: Weekend morning conversations on issues that affect law enforcement and security professionals. The purpose is to create a discourse of conventional and unconventional issues that relate to the safety, effectiveness and professionalism of all law enforcement and security officers and the communities they work in.

Topics will focus on whatever comes to mind on a Saturday or Sunday morning while I enjoy a few cups of coffee and will include the latest law enforcement and security related news, to include issues within the community that affect those who serve and whom we serve. Topics will also focus on conflict, violence, emerging threats, officer safety, use of force and strategy, tactics and the operational art necessary to develop and nurture effectiveness in doing what it is we do!

All opinions are welcome positive or negative as the purpose here is to open minds to think! Not to dictate doctrine. Safety, effectiveness and professionalism is all about developing thinkers and decision makers who can adapt to changing conditions. This takes strength of character, self awareness, open-mindedness and a willingness to listen to others and continue to evolve through learning, unlearning and relearning!

I will make every attempt to keep these weekend conversations short and informative.