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Violence and bad acts can be handled safely and more effective with the right attitude,skill sets, training and the proper tools.
For every engagement and each encounter, LESC combines the wisdom of Sun Tzu, the proven and continually evolving decision making theories of COL John Boyd and the finely honed interpersonal skills of an experienced law enforcement professional.

Fred T. Leland, Jr. is the Founder and Principal Trainer of LESC: Law Enforcement & Security Consulting (www.lesc.NET), and a certified instructor. He specializes in homeland security exercise and evaluation programs (HSEEP), red teaming, ongoing deadly action (active shootings), handling dynamic and violent encounters, recognizing the signs and signals of danger(body language), police operational art, use of force, and decision making under pressure. He develops leaders with the adaptive leadership methodology. His focus is translating theory to practice and facilitating training workshops to law enforcement, military, public and private, campus and university security professionals, in an effort to continually improve officer safety and effectiveness.

In addition to his work with LESC, Fred Leland is an active Lieutenant with the Walpole (MA) Police Department. He previously worked as a deputy with the Charlotte County (FL) Sheriff’s Department, and before that spent six years with the United States Marine Corp as a squad leader Beirut, Lebanon. Leland is an accomplished trainer with more than 28 years experience teaching law enforcement and security professionals, certified in numerous programs including dynamic encounters; threat assessment; decision making; violence prevention; fire arms; use of force; incident command; and anti-terrorism.

He founded Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc (LESC) in 2006 with the focus of bringing these principles to law enforcement and security. Fred Leland is a student of the teachings of the late modern day strategist, Col. John Boyd, and the ancient strategist, Sun Tzu. A key component in much of LESC Training is the Boyd Cycle, also known as the OODA Loop. The cycle consist of a tactical decision making process which, when understood and utilized properly, improves response times, confidence and resolve. Through development of powers of observation, orientation, decision and action (OODA) and the implementation of these individual processes in a repetitive cycle, officers improve both their ability to correctly assess threats and the reaction time needed to deal with them.

Fred is a 2004 graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 216, and a current instructor for the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee. Outcomes based training and education (OBTE) is his approach to creating and nurturing decision makers to observe, orient, decide and act while considering consequences.

Fred is the author of several articles on the topic of the Boyd Cycle as it relates to law enforcement and security strategic, operational and tactical decision making. He is a prolific blogger on law enforcement and security topics, a contributing columnist (Staying Oriented) at His articles have been published in the Homeland Security Review, the Homeland Security Journal and the Top Cop International newsletter his writings and training methods have elicited invitations to law enforcement agencies, colleges and universities, The United States Military Academy West Point, Marine Corps Base Quantico and Reserve and National Guard Units being deployed overseas.

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