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Adaptability is Key in Handling Crisis Situations…Be In Command and Out Of Control

“…the first thing I told our staff is that we would be in command and out of control,” Van Riper says echoing the words of management guru Kevin Kelly. “By that, I mean that the overall guidance and the intent were provided by me and the senior leadership, but the forces in the field wouldn’t depend on intricate orders coming from the top. They were to use their own initiative and be innovative as they went forward….” Paul Van Riper, US Marine commander.

For Meaningful Lasting Results, Get Into the Weeds…and Identify Root Causes

fishing weeds

I have over the years often heard the term “we need to get out of the weeds and solve this problem” I have even heard “I don’t want to hear the problem give me the solutions!” Whatever happened to Charles Kettering‘s idea that; “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved?”

Adaptive Leadership is Purposeful Learning in Real Time

In the book “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World” the authors describe adaptive leadership as “a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It is being able, both individually and collectively, to take on the gradual but meaningful process of adaptation.

Have You Thought About Why You Choose To Lead?

In his great book "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action" Simon Sinek inspires leaders to look into the WHY they chose to lead. He talks about how important it is to start with the question WHY. He says many start with what they do. WHAT: Every single organization on the planet knows WHAT they do. Some people know HOW they do WHAT they do. But WHY? Very few people can articulate WHY they do WHAT they do.

Have You Stopped a Car Today? Improving Patrols Tactical Effectiveness with Vehicle Stops

Conducting traffic stops is a patrol duty of police officers. Not only does it help us keep the roads and the people traveling them, safe, it also proactively help us cops identify crimes and those committing them. The combination of traffic safety, crime prevention, investigating crimes and apprehension of criminals come from an initiative driven proactive approach. Car stops are one of the tactical approaches we use for solving a host of police problems. Quite frankly car stops are a big part of our jobs as cops.

To Strengthen And Preserve Cohesion Your Values...Equal Their Values

Danny Cox in his book, “Leadership When the Heat is On,” states; an organization will never rise above the quality of its leadership. With the 10 leadership characteristics as your guiding pillar of fire, you can lead some pretty wild folks successfully across a challenging desert and produce great results. When building a new team, the selection process is guided to some degree by what jobs you need handled.

To effectively function in the initial, chaotic stages of a crisis, develop adaptive leaders

“The learning organization overcomes the impediment of centralized responsibility by instilling within the organization’s members a thirst for creativity and hunger for a challenge.” ~Brig. Gen. David A. Fastabend and Robert Simpson, Adapt or Die

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