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Discipline: The Lost Art of Leadership

In law enforcement we often wonder why the effectiveness of our organizations is less than we desire. We ponder all kinds of reasons, such as; budgets, time, the legal and liability effects. We label people as malcontents, nonconformists, or poor performers, or perhaps poor policies and procedures, rules and regulations and poor or inconsistent training. Failure to hold people accountable and a lack of discipline are also discussed at length.

Adaptive Leaders …Develop Strength of Character

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” -Abraham Lincoln

How About Some Empathy, Please?

I am currently reading Simon Sinek’s latest book, Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, a fantastic read by the way and one I highly recommend to police. I have read a lot of book on leadership and quite frankly Simon Sinek in my view understands people and what makes them tick, like no one else I have read.

Stoning The Gatekeepers: Is It Not Time Society Attempts To Better Understand Police Use of Force?

Police Use of Deadly Force: Should There be a Different Standard For Cops?

“From the tiny town of Colrain at the Vermont border to the siren-pierced streets of Boston, state and local police have shot and killed 73 people across Massachusetts over the last 12 years. The deadliest year was 2013, when 12 people were killed. Every completed killing investigation found the police were justified, in using deadly force; only three of the cases were presented to a grand jury or judicial inquest to determine if a crime was committed.”

First-Line Supervisors Do The Most Important Training

I was thumbing through my dog-eared and highlighted copy of Cigars Whiskey & Winning Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant in which Lesson 31 states that; Grant recognized that his top priority was to prepare his regiment for battle.

Don’t Fear Failure; Instead Make Failure Your Classroom


“Failure = Normal = Good. ("Reward excellent failure. Punish mediocre success." "Fail faster. Succeed sooner." "Fail. Forward. Fast.") ~Tom Peters

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