COL John Boyd

Destruction and Creation

Chet Richards has a newly edited version of Col John Boyd’s Destruction and Creation posted at Fast Transients.

A Video Biography of COL John Boyd


The Utility of OODA...It"s Much More Than a Loop

A great article over at Fast Company titled “The Strategy of a Fighter Pilot” that discusses the utility of COL John Boyd's OODA Loop in a vast array of disciplines. We like things simple although the reality of how things unfold is not so simple, they are instead often times dynamic and complex. Boyd understood, changes ceaselessly, unfolding "in an irregular, disorderly, unpredictable manner," despite our vain attempts to ensure the contrary.

COL John Boyd: The Man

jrboyd-photo For those of you who follow this blog, you know Col John Boyd has a great influence on me personally and on the methodology of training we utilize, that helps build more alert, aware and skillfu

Dangerous Body Language: Detecting Deception and Danger

My good friend Scott Shipman the owner of a boutique consulting firm in the Washington DC area who puts Col. John Boyd’s ideas into action and who has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Boyd’s concepts through conversations, writings and debates over the past several years has sent me this Interesting research “How to tell when someone is lying” by Professor of psychology R.

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