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"Sharpening Our Orientation" and Reducing Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

A New Years Resolution we should all strive for “Sharpening our Orientation”

“To weaken the enemy, it is not necessary to attack him directly. Tire him by carrying out an active defense, and in doing so, his strength will be reduced, and your side will gain the upper hand.” ~36 Stratagems

Critics call for changes in air safety

“The system has worked really very, very smoothly over the course of the past several days,’’ Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary said, in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.’’

When a prominent Nigerian banker and former government official phoned the US Embassy in Abuja in October with a warning that his son had developed radical views, had disappeared, and might have traveled to Yemen, embassy officials did not revoke the young man’s visa to enter the United States, which was good until June 2010.

Plane "attack"raises fresh security fears

“A central question for British and US authorities investigating the apparent attempt to blow up an airliner will be whether the perpetrator acted alone or as part of a wider conspiracy.

British authorities were first alerted to a possible domestic connection on Thursday night and have assigned teams to ascertain how strong that connection may be.

That will involve checking the identity of any individuals involved and seeing if they make any appearances on databases of possible suspects and extremists.

Coffee and Conversation: Police Make Mistakes But Seldom Admit Them! What's Reasonable?

This article “Police make mistakes but seldom admit them” is focused on a couple of use of force cases out of Connecticut and is interesting in a couple of ways. First the title is true we in law enforcement do make mistakes and we do not like to admit our mistakes.

A Little Brain Music Goes A Long Way

Don’t grab the IPODs just yet but music just may help keep us alert and aware and more effective while on duty??? Take a look at the latest research the department of Homeland Security is looking at.

Stay Oriented!


Active shooter' tactic saves lives at Northern Virginia Community College

A positive police article on the active shooter response at the Northern Virginia Community College that ended with no injuries. A 20 year old male shot at professor and missed.

After a shooter started firing in a building at Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge campus last week, police rushed in to try to stop the violence.

That, in and of itself, doesn't seem like news. Seems like what they're supposed to do.

Spytech Agency Wants Software Brains to Connect the Dots:

Interesting post from over at  Danger Room. Fits into today's coffee and conversation topic The Tactical Decision Maker: The Devil is Definitely in the Details. Could it be that soon computers will be doing our intuitive thinking and feeling for us???


Police-on-Police Shootings Task Force Testimony of Deputy Chief William G. Brooks Wellesley PD

I want to thank Governor Patterson for establishing this task force, and the members of the task force for their service. In spite of the fact that law enforcement officers have tragically been victims of accidental shootings at the hands of their brother and sister officers for more than a century, this undertaking is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive examination of police-on-police shootings in our nation’s history. The breadth of your research is extraordinary, and I hope your recommendations will be embraced by the entire law enforcement community.

Marines Use Simulations To Hone "Critical Thinking" Skills

Marines are developing their awareness and critical decision making skills with a digital trainer called the “Combat Hunter.” The devise was developed to help give Marines more time to exercise their Boyd Cycles and develop their decision making under pressure .

Contact and Cover and officer survival

Just read Steven Albrecht’s article Contact and Cover: The Supervisors Critical Role in Officer Survival thanks to Spartan cops for the tip in which they state it the best article they have seen on the topic.

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