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The truth about lying: who does it, and why by Robert Feldman

This is a great article on lying and deception. Its not specifically focused on law enforcement and security but the information is no less valuable. there is plenty to learn from this study.


Dealing with Active Shooters from the Perspective of a Former School Resource Officer from Spartan Cops

I worked as a school resource officer at a 5-A high school (approximately 2,500 students) from 1999-2002. During that time, I became extremely interested in school violence, and active shooters in particular. I was the only police officer assigned to the school, and it quickly became apparent that I would have to deal with violent situations by myself.

Burn with Kearns (Kevin Kearns, Fitness Coach) August Newsletter

My Turn with Kevin Kearns

For Security Trainees, a Threat Theater By Laura Blumenfeld

Five minutes before his job interview, John Fisher parks at Ace Fire Extinguisher Services in College Park, his window open and his stomach jumpy. He is nibbling on spoonfuls of cottage cheese when shouts erupt from the car next to his.

Fisher believes what he is seeing is real.

"Gun! He has a gun!" a man with a Secret Service earpiece yells, riffling through the glove compartment.

"It's my brother's gun!" a man in a black ski cap growls. "I didn't know I had a gun!"

Maneuver and Focus Efforts on Disrupting Your Adversary's Mindset

“In most campaigns the dislocation of the enemy's psychological and physical balance has been the vital prelude to a successful attempt at his overthrow.” ~Captain Sir Basil H. Liddell Hart, 1944

Terrorism Awareness: Vigilance, It Will Take America Banding Together to Minimize the Terrorist Threat!

I wrote this back in 2007 along with my partner at the time Maria Gonzalez. As we are coming up on 8 years since 9-11 I am putting it on the Blog as a reminder to be alert and aware. Stay Oriented!  Fred

By Fred Leland and Maria Gonzalez

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” —Charles Darwin

Police Operational Art for a Five-Dimensional Operational Space by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus

The last fifteen years have yielded a rich literature on structural dimensions of modern-day tactics and operational art, particularly on the challenge posed by information age command and control (C2) technology, decentralized swarming, and irregular opponents.

Toward Operational Art for Policing by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus

The military, facing a complex and intractable mixture of “wicked problems” on the battlefield, has responded with a doctrinal revolution in the production and practice of operational theory.  But most police agencies don’t incorporate the “operational level of maneuver” into their planning and concept of operations.   We face a constellation of complex “high-intensity policing” problems such as counterterrorism, transnational organized crime and gangs that demand development of a true operational art and doctrine, rather than current focus on tactical response.

Force Science #122: New study links multi-tasking capacity to good or bad shooting decisions

Officers who have a greater capacity for multi-tasking are less likely to make errors in shooting decisions, even when emotionally aroused, according to a new study from psychology researchers at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Explosives found at home of Texas deputy's killer

By Arelis Hernandez
Associated Press

Chambers County Sheriff Joe LaRive holds framed photos of sheriff's deputy Shane Detwiler's family. Earlier this week, a shootout and standoff at a rural mobile home park near Baytown, Texas led to Detwiler, 31, being shot and killed. The gunman, a former reserve police officer Gilbert Ortez, Jr., was found dead inside the trailer home. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Mayra Beltran)

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