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10 things police officers should always do from Spartan Cops

10 things police officers should always do
  1. Always wear body armor because it has proven to save officer lives.
  2. Always carry a backup gun because you may need it when you are fighting over your duty gun.


Check out this great report on the links between crime and terrorism and the emerging threat it poses the United States and its citizens. This will ultimately have an affect on us in law enforcement and security. Its 33 pages and well worth the read.


Law Enforcement & Security Consulting, Inc (LESC) Most Read Articles with Fred Leland

Here is a compiled list of some the most popular articles written by Fred Leland of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc. All the articles are centered on developing situational awareness and decision making under pressure, as well as create and nurture the strategic and tactical mindset that is essential in detecting, preventing and resolving conflict and violence, be it on patrol, the street, a university or campus, hospital, place of worship

Video: State Trooper Scuffles With Paramedic

TULSA WORLD, Okla. — An Oklahoma state trooper is receiving national criticism after an altercation between him and a paramedic. The incident, which was caught on a cell phone camera, occurred while the paramedic was transporting a patient to the hospital.

According to the trooper, the ambulance driver failed to yield to the officer and allegedly made an obscene gesture. The trooper pulled the paramedics over and an altercation ensured. The paramedic continually stated his case for getting to the hospital immediately instead of arguing over a ticket.

Chicago teen who pointed gun at officer is shot

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago police shot a 14-year-old boy in the leg Monday after he aimed a BB gun at them at a Near West Side school, authorities said.

Police answering a burglar alarm found the boy and his 13-year-old brother in a computer room of Whittier Elementary School.

The gun, which resembled a shotgun, was a BB-pellet gun, police spokesman Roderick Drew said.

The break-in occurred about 4:45 a.m. Monday. Police said they ordered the boy to drop the gun, but instead he aimed it at them. An officer fired a shot, wounding the boy, Drew said.

Mass. officer tells tale of gunfire

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A city police officer told a prosecutor he was in shock when he realized he and two family members were under gunfire on a nearly deserted city street last year.

Patrolman Alexandros Lalos took the witness stand on Wednesday, the second day of an ongoing trial in Hampden Superior Court. Two city men are on trial in connection with an alleged attempted shooting during a car chase on March 17, 2008.

Shootings show threat of 'lone wolf' terrorists

WASHINGTON — An elderly man enters a crowded museum carrying a rifle and begins shooting. A young man in Arkansas pulls outside a military recruiting office. Another man opens fire in a Kansas church.

Three chilling, unconnected slayings in less than two weeks. One gunman was a white supremacist, one a militant Muslim, one a fervent foe of abortion.

Holocaust museum: security training stopped attack

WASHINGTON — The director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum says their security training helped save lives when guards quickly shot an elderly gunman who opened fire with a rifle.

Sara Bloomfield also paid tribute to a guard who was killed in the Wednesday attack. She told NBC’s “Today” show Thursday that 39-year-old officer Stephen Tyrone Johns was both a terrific professional and a warm, jovial person.

Guard killed during shooting at Holocaust museum

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A rifle-wielding white supremacist entered Washington's Holocaust museum on Wednesday afternoon, fatally shooting a security guard before being wounded himself by return fire from other guards, authorities said.

Stephen Tyrone Johns was shot and killed while working at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday.

IALEFI Annual Training Conference West Palm Beach FL May 31st-June 5th

I will be at the IALEFI Annual training conference in West Palm Beach presenting the Workshop The Boyd Cycle threat Assessment and Management to the membership.

This is an honor for me to bring this relevant information on the Boyd Cycle to Cops who need it.

More on the conference when i get back.


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