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Contact and Cover and officer survival

Just read Steven Albrecht’s article Contact and Cover: The Supervisors Critical Role in Officer Survival thanks to Spartan cops for the tip in which they state it the best article they have seen on the topic.

Brown starts cell phone safety service

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - Brown University launches a new service that's turning cell phones into mobile panic buttons.

The system, called 'Rave Guardian" lets students and staff program a single button on their phone which will instantly alert campus police about an emergency, and also provide them with important information about the caller, including their name and photo.

"I think it's amazing that Brown is offering that to people," says Sara Luxenberg, a Brown University junior.

Lockdown ends at Seneca Valley school after bomb threat

A lockdown of Seneca Valley Intermediate High School has been lifted following an extensive search of the building because of a bomb threat a student found yesterday scrawled in a boys' restroom.

District spokeswoman Linda Andreassi said police searched the building yesterday afternoon and found nothing.

As a precaution, however, all students passed through metal detectors this morning and were moved to the high school auditorium while police conducted a more thorough search.

Bomb threats disrupt week of class at W.Va. school

KEYSER, W.Va. (AP) - Backpacks have been banned and eight students suspended from Keyser Primary-Middle School after bomb threats disrupted class four days in a row.

Police are also investigating a Wednesday bomb threat at Keyser High School that canceled a basketball game. Backpacks also have been banned from that school.

Mineral County Schools Superintendent Skip Hackworth says administrative hearings for the students have been scheduled for Dec. 15.

Coffee and Conversation: Issues that Affect Law Enforcement and Security: Walking our Talk to Officer Safety

The month of November was filled with conflict and violence: Fort Hood, Orlando, Lakewood Washington and numerous other incidents across the country that gained little attention in the headlines. The blogs and articles I wrote in relation to these events and the efforts we need to make to prevent them focus mostly on the community or workplace. This morning while sitting here with a hot cup of coffee I am thinking about cops and officer safety.

Napolitano says recent arrests represent a terror warning

“Al-Qaeda followers are inside the United States and would like to attack targets here and in other countries, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday night.

University of South Florida faculty newsletter Staying Safe: How to Protect Yourself Against Workplace Violence

The University of South Florida has a new, short ,and too the point article about how to protect your self in the workplace. The recommendations apply to preventing violence in any other environment you find yourself in, as well.

Why conflict between officers helps the team

In the first part of this series, Conflict resolution, being a team player, and other stupid cliches, we talked about encouraging positive conflict and building trust within a police agency. The feedback you provided was overwhelming!

UC Berkeley Students End Protests

BERKELEY, Calif. (KCBS)  -- Things have calmed down on the UC Berkeley campus after a large protest that began early Friday morning, including the partial takeover of a building by a group of demonstrators ended after 11 hours.

Frustration filled the air on UC campuses across the state as students protested the UC regents decision to increase tuition by 32 percent over the next two years.

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Virginia Tech Study Contains Lessons for Fort Hood

Psychological trauma among Virginia Tech students in the wake of the 2007 mass shooting was widespread and long-lasting, according to newly published research that suggests such tragedies are communal events with far-reaching ramifications.

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