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LESC Links January 20th 2010

21st century deadly force training for police

We are a full decade into a new century, but the way we train police officers to employ deadly force is no different than we did a decade before the 21st century began. According to FBI statistics, 80 percent of officers killed each year in gunfights die at seven yards or less, a figure little changed in the past 30 years.

LESC Links January 16th 2010

Protecting the Force: Lessons learned from Fort Hood

The shooting spree allegedly perpetrated by a self-radicalized soldier of Muslim faith has revealed shortcomings in the Defense Department’s ability to counter dangerous outside influences on the military, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today.

LESC Links January 15th 2010

A Bridge Too Far?

“The New York terrorism trials could overwhelm the city, warns the NYPD’s top cop.”


Dallas police make arrests in ATM theft ring

LESC Links January 14th 2009

Al-Qaeda has a new strategy. Obama needs one, too. by Bruce Hoffman

Yet, oddly enough for a terrorist movement supposedly on its last legs, al-Qaeda late last month launched two separate attacks less than a week apart -- one failed and one successful -- triggering the most extensive review of U.S. national security policies since 2001.

LESC Links January 12th 2010

Calif. cop kicked out of school while arresting gang member

A San Francisco police officer was ordered out of John O'Connell High School for arresting an alleged gang member in connection with a double homicide without first consulting the principal.

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