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Why conflict between officers helps the team

In the first part of this series, Conflict resolution, being a team player, and other stupid cliches, we talked about encouraging positive conflict and building trust within a police agency. The feedback you provided was overwhelming!

Domestic crimes may be considered "terrorist" acts

Radical environmentalists may not see themselves as terrorists, but asked whether a terrorism enhancement applies to their sentences for destroying government property, the Seventh Circuit found the issue clear cut.

On Nov. 9, the court affirmed application of U.S.S.G. 3A1.4 to members of the Earth Liberation Front who destroyed several research projects at a U.S. Forest Service facility in Rhinelander.

Rebooting the OODA Loop from Spartan Cops

In the police training world, certain job related skills are vitally important. Simulation scenarios involving inoculations of stress, confusion and chaos are valuable components to prepare officers to win in real street encounters, (expect the unexpected, and adapt). Trained, experienced and enlightened simulation trainers often discover early on that it is difficult to truly surprise in-service officers.

Doctor stabbed, attacker killed MGH patient shot by guard

A patient at a Massachusetts General Hospital bipolar clinic stabbed his psychiatrist during a treatment session yesterday afternoon, and was then shot dead by an off-duty security guard, in a frantic scene that a colleague later described as “every psychiatrist’s worst nightmare.’’

MGH slaying to be investigated as police-involved shooting

READING -- The security guard who fatally shot a knife-wielding patient at a psychiatric center on Tuesday was depicted today by his father as a kind and well-trained law enforcement officer.

Gunmen storm Mexican hospital to kill wounded enemies

“Assailants armed with assault rifles burst into a hospital in the northern Mexican state of Durango and killed three men being treated for gunshot wounds, the state attorney general’s office said.

Wounded Saturday on the streets of Villa Union, the three men received initial treatment on the scene from the Red Cross and were then taken to the hospital.

Their attackers followed them to the hospital and finished them off there, the AG office said Tuesday, adding that no hospital employees were hurt in the incident. “

Threat Assessment and Management Workshop Wednesday October 28th at American Firearms School N. Attleboro, MA

This workshop has been taught to law enforcement officers, security officer sand military personnel throughout the country including :

Have we gotten lax in our security?

wall A certain segment of the population has indeed gotten complacent when it comes to security.

Photo of Operating Room a HIPAA Violation?

By Rebecca Herold (The Privacy Professor) CIPP, CISSP, CISM, CISA, FLMI

I received a very interesting question yesterday, and I wanted to share it and my response here because it is a great HIPAA topic to discuss that I have not seen written about before.

Officer Created Jeopardy: Defining the Problem with Matt from Spartan Cops

What is “officer created jeopardy”?

It can be defined as a situation where an officer deviates from established tactics or policies and his behavior unnecessarily places him (and/or others) at greater risk of harm because of his actions. For example, an officer stepping in front of a fleeing vehicle and then shooting because he is now in danger of being run over.

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