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Global Metropolitan Policing: An Emerging Trend in Intelligence Sharing by John Sullivan and James Wirtz

Red Team Journal contributor John P. Sullivan has a new article with James Wirtz in Homeland Security Affairs Journal on the growth of metropolitan police networks: John Sullivan and James Wirtz hit a homerun with this article… All those tasked with protecting the Homeland from conventional and unconventional, emerging threats from criminal and terrorist networks, should take the advice they have to offer. This is an outstanding article.

The Second "O" in OODA By: Frank Borelli

For any contemporary warrior who is not already familiar with Boyd's Cycle - the human decision making paradigm - I say to you, "Go and study." First documented by Col. John Boyd (USAF Ret, now deceased), the Human Decision Making Cycle is comprised of the following four steps repeated in endless loops: Observe; Orient; Decide; Act. Anyone who has ever been in a fight knows that thinking faster than your opponent matters - and not just a little. Veteran combatants have given testimony as to the applicability and importance of Boyd's Cycle.

The OODA Loop: A simple concept for modern combat strategy by Scott Vomberg of Spartan Cops

The OODA loop is a decision making model developed by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd.  It is also known as the OODA cycle or Boyd’s loop.  It is a concept that has been strategically applied at individual as well as group levels.  Understanding the OODA loop allows officers to prepare general tactics for commonly encountered situations as well as specific tactics when detailed circumstances are known ahead of time.

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Cognitive thinking and the tactical warrior with Sgt. Glenn French

I would like to dedicate this article to Officer “Mark Sawyers” of the Sterling Heights Police Department. Badge “76,” your memory lives on.

Spartan Cops Web-site Aiming to Help Cops

I found a great web-site Spartan Cops which as plenty of valuable information related to use of force and preparing cops for the street.

Spartan Cops publishes articles, tips, and videos revolving around Police Use of Force for police officers, trainers, and administrators. Topics include defensive tactics, TASERs, less-lethal weapons, lethal weapons and firearms, police K9, and gear.

I will be linking the site and their articles to the LESC site… Take a look

Hospital security thwarts kidnapping

OCEAN SPINGS, Miss. May 6 2009 - Ocean Springs Police arrested two men for allegedly holding their own father at gunpoint, and trying to force him into the trunk of a car.
Police got the call from the Ocean Springs Hospital around 9:00 a.m. Monday. Officers who arrived on the scene first found security officers holding the two men at gunpoint.

Hospital guards defy law to restrain patients

HOSPITAL security guards are defying State Government legal advice that they have no power to restrain violent patients.

Health Department documents show security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital asked for a written guarantee that they would be protected from legal action when restraining patients after police cut back on officers transporting mental health patients.

The department advised guards: "There is no clear statutory powers of restraint for security guards."

Be mindful of the handcuff "rip" tactic by violent offenders

A great article on  by  George Demetriou NYPD Detective (retired) on the tactic known as the Handcuff rip used by violent offenders. The method has been used to kill or seriously injure at least 5 officers since 2007.


Hospital Security Aids in Capture of Carjacking Suspect

Rocklin CA April 29 2009

Early Sunday morning, Roseville Police officers arrested a woman on suspicion of carjacking and several other charges.

At 1:11 a.m. Sunday, April 26, Roseville Police officers responded to a carjacking that had just occurred in the parking lot of Kaiser Hospital, 1600 Eureka Rd.

Tulsa Police, Security Team up to Fight Crime

Tulsa OK April 30 2009

There’s a new security force in some high crime neighborhoods. It’s a partnership that officers say targets a source of the problem in many crime-ridden areas and apartment complexes.

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