LESC Announces "Professional Behind the Shield" Workshop Series

Doing what we Know How to Do, Better!

Developing Insight, Innovation and Initiative: High Yield Results with Little Time:

For those agencies who have trouble scheduling training or finding the time to pull frontline personnel off of posts or the off the street, to attend training, LESC has a solution. In 2009 we starting  with the “Professional Behind the Shield “ Workshop Series. 

Create and Nurture Preparedness/Adaptability with Tactical Decision Games and Decision Making Critiques

A LESC Discourse: Establishing the Discipline to Train and Invest in Preparedness is an ongoing series of articles discussing training and preparedness, learning, unlearning and relearning to develop insight, innovation and initiative to deal with conventional and unconventional problems and threats.

Army Article on Deciding Under Pressure and Fast Workshop: Innovative training methods mold next generation leaders

More great feedback on Deciding Under Pressure…and Fast Workshop from United States Army Public Affairs Office.

COL John Boyd: Building Snowmobiles and a Fine-tuned Situational Awareness

Snowmobile When reading COL John Boyd’s theories one will find it is based on constant exploration and refinement.

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