Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Watch is Homeland Security at the Most Local Level

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and best-known crime prevention organizations in North America. It’s been around a long time —since 1972 — and it’s a way for communities to band together, in conjunction with law enforcement, to make their neighborhoods safer and improve people’s quality of life.

Are Gated Communities Really Secure?


People concerned with maximizing their home security have been moving to gated communities in large numbers. The U.S. Census Bureau states 11 million households resided in gated communities in 2009, an increase from the seven million reported in 2001. It would look like living behind a barrier would be more secure, but is it really?

Identity Theft 101: Thieves Strike Through Your Mail

If you think identity theft is only about stolen passwords and email transmissions, think again. Traditional snail mail is a big target of those looking to use your identity as their own, and it's more difficult to stop than you might imagine.

What is Mail Theft?

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