Defining Policing 's Training & Education Challenge...Some Ideas On Achieving High Levels of Professionalism

Today, the term “education” has become almost meaningless. People speak of a “high school education.” They assume any college will automatically “provide an education.”  (Lind & S, 1985) Virtually any sort of instruction is assumed to have “educational value.” But education is more than the learning of skills or the acquisition of facts. It includes acquiring a broad understanding of one’s culture, its development and the principles upon which it is founded.

Guest Post: Continued Learning: Obtaining Your Criminal Justice Degree Online

This post is something for those interested in becoming a police officer or those already in law enforcement looking to continue their education. Part of my efforts at this web-site and blog is to provide information i think is relevent to improving the law enforcement profession and those individuals who choose to serve in it. Education and training is the catalyst to that. These efforts are made possible even more today through online programs.

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