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Brian Willis Offers Great Info on Defeating...The Enemy Of Innovation

Expertise is the Enemy of Innovation – Tip #5 in Stephen Shapiro’s book Best Practices Are Stupid. Shapiro goes on to say, “The more you know about a particular topic, the more difficult it is for you to think about it in a different way. Your solutions will most likely be “been there, done that” ideas that are limited to your area of expertise.

Tactical Supervision: Coaches and Chessplayers: Guest Post By Louis Hayes

Some more interesting thinking from Louis Hayes purveyor of The Illinois Model. Here he talks about the balance of linear thinking for the technical problems (Chess player) and nonlinear thinking (Coach)for the adaptive problems we in law enforcement face. As with most we do in law enforcement there is a balance to be struck if we are to be successful. Thanks to Louis for allowing us to post here!


Skid Row Terrorist

Great post by Chris Flaherty at OODA LOOP titled, "Skid Row Terrorist" in which Dr.

Interesting Guest Post: Maryland v. King: Supreme Court Decision on DNA Swabs

It was an extremely close Supreme Court decision of 5-4 that recently cleared the way for authorities to take DNA samples more liberally from those they suspect in serious crimes. This decision endorses a practice that is already in use by over half of the 50 states as well as at the federal level, but opponents fear that more Orwellian consequences could ensue.

The Human Problem? by Frank Borelli an article

It’s always been better, in my opinion, to work for a Chief who isn’t eager to hang his troops out to dry. Not that he’d “cover” for them, but he’d understand mistakes can happen.

From Police One 3 techniques for controlling your brain with Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.

If you see a snake in the woods, your linking brain can potentially “see” every twig was a snake for the duration of your long walk home

For a layman like me, a general understanding of brain function can be simplified as consisting of a lizard brain, linking brain, and logic brain.

Great Article From Police One with Val Van Brocklin: How to create 'fierce followers' in law enforcement

With agencies being asked to do more with less — or everything with nothing — developing, nurturing and mining fierce followers is more critical than ever

Deadly Force: Have We Lost Our Senses? Guest Post by Louis Hayes

You are sitting in one of the finest restaurants in your city - the sort of place where the a-la-carte side dishes easily push the bill into triple digits. There's reminiscing with old friends at your table. Before you know it, you realize the discussion was so captivating that you haven't tasted your meal since the first bite. How the heck did a $50 slab of meat sneak its way past your taste buds? Better yet, how did you not notice your boss sit down at the next table over...30 minutes ago?

Guest Post: Should Schools Be Installing Security Cameras In Their Classrooms?

Should Schools Be Installing Security Cameras In Their Classrooms?

Guest Post: Continued Learning: Obtaining Your Criminal Justice Degree Online

This post is something for those interested in becoming a police officer or those already in law enforcement looking to continue their education. Part of my efforts at this web-site and blog is to provide information i think is relevent to improving the law enforcement profession and those individuals who choose to serve in it. Education and training is the catalyst to that. These efforts are made possible even more today through online programs.

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