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Guest Post by John Demand: “You look for the bomb…we look for the bomber”

During a counter terrorism training program I attended in Israel in 2006, a quote of the Israel’s when talking about the difference in their strategy as compared to that of America “You look for the bomb…we look for the bomber” struck me like a ton of bricks. As I pondered this statement it became very clear that our efforts in fighting terrorist activity and even extending to criminal activity is that we look for objects rather than for behaviors.

Think 'FAST': A mnemonic to help keep you safe, by John Demand

“The pursuit of data, in almost any field has come to resemble a form of substance abuse.” ~Gary Klein, author “Street Lights and Shadows: Searching for the Keys to Adaptive Decision Making”


By Fred Leland and John Demand


To better develop a Police Department’s organizational culture we must recognize that it be a learning organization that is dedicated to innovation. This is typified by an environment within which every single person in the organization is invested in the organization’s success and feels a responsibility to implement new and better ways to achieve organizational objectives.

Brain plasticity: A whole new idea for cops



Recent brain research has tremendous impact in the way officers can now train and increase the power of their brains. ~John Demand

The 10% of Mindset

By Fred Leland and John Demand

"Of every 100 men you send to fight, 10 shouldn't even be there. Eighty are nothing but targets. Nine are real fighters, we are lucky to have them, they the battle make. Ah but the one, one is a true warrior and he will bring the others back" ~ Heraclitus


By John L. Demand, Jr. from Observation on Demand

Can technology suck your brain dry?

Man vs. Machine with Jim Donahue & John Demand

Rapid Recognition Training...Be Ready To Be Frustrated

Writing this blog has been a great experience. First it keeps us all in contact to discuss the various issues surrounding law enforcement and security that helps us become more effective at our jobs and stay safe while doing so. Secondly it has put me in contact with numerous people who are dedicated to professional development and making our performance on the street more effective. John Demand is one of those people.

The Seven Signs of Terrorism By John Demand

My good friend John Demand from Observation on Demand has put together a great  way to help all of us remain vigilant called OBSERVE! Keeping things simple and getting things done!

Stay Oriented


To remember the seven signs of terrorism think of the word “OBSERVE”

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