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Break It Down Show Podcast: Don Vandergriff - Mission Command, Trusting Your People, To Win

Don Vandergriff - Mission Command, Trusting Your People, To Win - Don Vandergriff is the author of the Mission Command series and one of the first 30 guests we've had on the show, ONE OF THE OGs!

Teaching Officers How to Think verses Telling Them What To Think

Educating future leaders and officers in “how to think” (cognitive skills) takes longer and is intellectually far more expensive than industrially based task training, while task training requires resources like weapons, ranges, equipment, and special facilities that require training be done at established locations, requiring centralization. The good news is that recent studies by Dr. Bjork (UCLA) have discovered that theories about learning have been wrong.

For Meaningful Lasting Results, Get Into the Weeds…and Identify Root Causes

fishing weeds

I have over the years often heard the term “we need to get out of the weeds and solve this problem” I have even heard “I don’t want to hear the problem give me the solutions!” Whatever happened to Charles Kettering‘s idea that; “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved?”

To Strengthen And Preserve Cohesion Your Values...Equal Their Values

Danny Cox in his book, “Leadership When the Heat is On,” states; an organization will never rise above the quality of its leadership. With the 10 leadership characteristics as your guiding pillar of fire, you can lead some pretty wild folks successfully across a challenging desert and produce great results. When building a new team, the selection process is guided to some degree by what jobs you need handled.

"Organizations by their very nature involves a series of balances...

Matin van Creveld …Among other things, a balance must be struck between the need for control from above and for initiative from bellow; between


By Fred Leland and John Demand


To better develop a Police Department’s organizational culture we must recognize that it be a learning organization that is dedicated to innovation. This is typified by an environment within which every single person in the organization is invested in the organization’s success and feels a responsibility to implement new and better ways to achieve organizational objectives.

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