Project Sapient

Wellness for Warriors - Two amazing human beings who have been through so much, and go above and Beyond

Ayman and Pete were honored to have 2 of the most amazing human beings as guests on the show:
Jeanna Marie and Meghan from Wellness for Warriors.

These ladies have been through so much and yet are going above and beyond every day - giving back and helping thousands of our bothers and sisters across the country!

When One of us is Murdered: The Darkness A Project Sapient Podcast

Powerfull episode: We've all been there. A brother or sister in blue is murdered. The funeral is painful. The silence is deafening. Our brother /sister was taken from us. Taken from their family. For some, the world stops - it almost SKIPS A BEAT. Like a flutter in the heart. A bad one.

This episode Ayman and Pete go deep into the issue and discuss everything.

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