Safe Schools and Campus

Recognizing The Signs and Signals That Lead To Violent Acts At Our Schools and Making Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Them

“Know yourself and know your enemy. You will be safe in every battle. You may know yourself but not know the enemy. You will then lose one battle for every one you win. You may not know yourself or the enemy. You will then lose every battle.” ~Sun Tzu

Guest Post: Should Schools Be Installing Security Cameras In Their Classrooms?

Should Schools Be Installing Security Cameras In Their Classrooms?

Does Mass Violence Unfold Randomly and Chaotic or is There Hidden Order We Can Leverage in Our Prevention Efforts?

“Newton’s laws describe the motion of everything under the Sun and give physics great power in its ability to relate cause and effect. Yet the path of a ball in a pin ball machine seems to defy human control, it seems chaotic.” ~Chaos, Professor Steven Strogatz, Cornell University

Documentary: Massacre at Virginia Tech


This is a very good documentary on The Virginia tech Shootings that traces the origins of Seung Hui Cho. Its well worth the hour and will give you insights into the mind and unpredictability of a this killer. The information contained in the documentary will help in prevention and threat assessments efforts in reducing these type of tragedies from occurring.  

Active shooter' tactic saves lives at Northern Virginia Community College

A positive police article on the active shooter response at the Northern Virginia Community College that ended with no injuries. A 20 year old male shot at professor and missed.

After a shooter started firing in a building at Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge campus last week, police rushed in to try to stop the violence.

That, in and of itself, doesn't seem like news. Seems like what they're supposed to do.

Police Officer At School Leads To More Arrests for Assault on Teacher

EL CERRITO -- A police officer was assigned to Portola Middle School in El Cerrito on Wednesday and it's already having an effect.

Police say the officer's presence has helped them solve a crime committed on campus at lunchtime on Monday, when a group of students allegedly knocked down a band teacher and pelted her with rocks.

Police say five students have been arrested -- three boys and two girls -- ranging in age from 13 to 14.

Officials say some of the students are still in juvenile hall; others were released to their parents.

Campus 'Gun Bill' Fails In Legislature House Rejects Controversial Concealed Weapons Measure

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Louisiana House members have rejected a contentious proposal to allow concealed handguns on university campuses.

The bill would have required colleges in the state to allow people with concealed handgun permits to carry those weapons on the campuses, which are now so-called "gun-free" zones. Continue reading

Police say Harvard killing was 'drug rip' Student tied to suspect barred from graduating

CAMBRIDGE - A plot to rob a marijuana dealer inside a Harvard residence hall Monday went badly awry and ended with the shooting death of a 21-year-old Cambridge man, authorities said yesterday, as details began to emerge about two female Harvard students who knew both the victim and his alleged assailants.

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