Scott Shipman

“More Better,” Ideals, and To Be or To Do: Guest Post by Scott Shipman

Several years ago I frequented a barber shop owned by a Vietnamese immigrant named, Tom. Tom had been in the United States for over a decade, but hadn’t mastered very much English. However, that didn’t seem to be holding him back as he had/has a thriving business, and does a good job at a good price. The signature conclusion of Tom’s haircuts was rotate the barber chair so the customer could look in the mirror and either approve or disapprove of his work.

On Vision

“It is one thing to be a solo performer, a single man or woman out on the wire or ahead of the pack. It is quite another to translate singular excellence to a group, to impact a vision and style so completely that, after awhile, the body begins to act in concert with its leader.” ~GEN Gordan Sullivan, United States Army,(Ret.)

Book Review: Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

Imagine Imagine: How Creativity Works is great recommended read, my good friend Scott Shipman did a review on that inspired me to pick up the book.

TO BE or TO DO: Instead of Pursuing Glory, Pursue Excellence

“Instead of pursuing glory, pursue excellence.” ~J. Scott Shipman


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