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Recommended Reading List From The California Association of Tactical Officers

Sid Heal, acting in his capacity as California Association of Tactical Officers president, recently solicited input from numerous tactical science experts to compile a reading list for SWAT team commanders. After numerous edits and revisions, the following 12 have books were identified. Sid was clear to state that this is a living list. Many fine books did not make the cut as it was being edited down to a manageable number. The number 12 was selected because that would equate to one book a month.

Sizing Up Situations Is A Skill, We Need To Develop

"The importance of recognizing the underlying factors and influences in play cannot be overstated. Imagine, for example, the advantages of recognizing the significance of the element of surprise as a condition of success for the Branch Davidian raid or the futility of a surround and call-out at Columbine. Clearly, some understanding of the nature of what is occurring is of great advantage." ~Sid Heal

Adaptive Leadership By Charles “Sid” Heal and John R. Engbeck

This article is published in the current spring 2014 edition of the NTOA publication The Tactical Edge and republished here with permission of the author. It both an honor and a privilege to be able to post the article here on our site.

The problem

Guest Post: Adaptive Decision-Making by Sid Heal

All crises are fraught with uncertainty. While uncertainty must be reduced to the maximum possible extent, it can never be completely eliminated. Accordingly, efforts will always be necessary to deal with the unexpected. Effective leaders are compelled to continually improvise, innovate and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. The most successful leaders are able to both anticipate a change and promptly deal with it. Developing these types of leaders then becomes an imperative.

Guest Post: ABC3s of Profiling by Sid Heal

About The Author: Charles "Sid" Heal is a retired Commander from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department where he spent more than half of his career assigned in units charged with handling law enforcement special and emergency operations.


Sid Heal the author of Field Command offers some great insight into the Boyd Cycle and how it helps us in Law Enforcement seize the initiative. Sid has spent a life time over 40 years in the Marine Corps and over 30 in law enforcement and had applied these ideas in combat and in crisis. Its valuable information for those cops looking to improve their tactics.


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