Threat Assessment

Guest Post by John Demand: “You look for the bomb…we look for the bomber”

During a counter terrorism training program I attended in Israel in 2006, a quote of the Israel’s when talking about the difference in their strategy as compared to that of America “You look for the bomb…we look for the bomber” struck me like a ton of bricks. As I pondered this statement it became very clear that our efforts in fighting terrorist activity and even extending to criminal activity is that we look for objects rather than for behaviors.

Book Review: You Say More Than You Think By Janine Driver


“Truthful people convey, while liars attempt to convince.” ~Janine Driver

Documentary: Massacre at Virginia Tech


This is a very good documentary on The Virginia tech Shootings that traces the origins of Seung Hui Cho. Its well worth the hour and will give you insights into the mind and unpredictability of a this killer. The information contained in the documentary will help in prevention and threat assessments efforts in reducing these type of tragedies from occurring.  

Dangerous Body Language: Digging Beyond What You See!

I read a very interesting article on TSA screening  and the SPOT program developed by Paul Ekman they are using in and effort to spot potential terrorist and or terrorist activity. The article “More on Airport Clairvoyance Machines” by Ed Brayton discusses the validity of the technique of using body language and facial expressions in our efforts to make airports and travel safer.

Dangerous Body Language: Detecting Deception and Danger

My good friend Scott Shipman the owner of a boutique consulting firm in the Washington DC area who puts Col. John Boyd’s ideas into action and who has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Boyd’s concepts through conversations, writings and debates over the past several years has sent me this Interesting research “How to tell when someone is lying” by Professor of psychology R.

Cops, Security, Citizens Need to Be Aware: Does the Climate & Environment Shift in the Wake of bin Laden's Death?

“This is war. it is the most important skill in the nation. It is the basis of life and death. It is the philosophy of survival or destruction. You must know it well. Your skill comes from five factors (philosophy. climate, ground,  leadership, methods). Study these factors when you plan war. You must insist on knowing your situation.”~Sun Tzu

The 10% of Mindset

By Fred Leland and John Demand

"Of every 100 men you send to fight, 10 shouldn't even be there. Eighty are nothing but targets. Nine are real fighters, we are lucky to have them, they the battle make. Ah but the one, one is a true warrior and he will bring the others back" ~ Heraclitus

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