Threat Assessment

From OODA to AAADA ― A cycle for surviving violent police encounters

By Michael J. Asken, Ph.D.

Dr. Mike Asken is a State Police psychologist and author of “MindSighting: Mental Toughness Skills for Police Officers in High Stress Situations.” His Web site is

Take A.I.M. and Prepare To Win Dynamic Encounters

I just had the honor of working together with a great group of cops (over 1,000 plus their families) at the FBI National Academy Associates 75TH Annual Training Conference here in Boston. The New England Chapter presented this conference which was chaired by Deputy Chief William Brooks of Wellesley P.D. and approximately 50 committee members.

What is a Threat?

A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. A threat can be:

    • Spoken
    • Written
    • Symbolic
      • For example, motioning with one's hands as though shooting at another person in the right context could be considered a threat.

Types of Threats

Direct threat identifies a specific act against a specific target and is delivered in a straightforward, clear, and explicit manner:

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