Use of Force

Use Of Force Training Should Not Be One Size Fits All

Great article from Spartan Cops on use of force training that makes sense.


A lot of departmental use of force training is one size fits all.

Uniform training

It generally will consist of basic firearms training and defensive tactics training in the academy along with some decision making training which will include shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.

Calif. deputy shoots boy who pointed toy gun at officers

Associated Press

PALMDALE, Calif. — A boy playing "cops and robbers" with a toy handgun has been shot and wounded by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, officials say.

The boy was shot shortly Sunday night in Palmdale. Deputy Jeff Gordon says the boy was hospitalized in stable condition and is expected to survive.

His age and identity were not immediately released.

Hospital guards defy law to restrain patients

HOSPITAL security guards are defying State Government legal advice that they have no power to restrain violent patients.

Health Department documents show security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital asked for a written guarantee that they would be protected from legal action when restraining patients after police cut back on officers transporting mental health patients.

The department advised guards: "There is no clear statutory powers of restraint for security guards."

Police Shooting Puts Teen In Hospital

ORLANDO, Fla -- For the second time in less than one day Orlando police were involved in a shooting. This time, a 17-year-old male was shot while fleeing police who saw him carrying a gun.

The most recent incident began when two Orlando police officers in an unmarked car tried to pull a car over near the Metro Place Apartments on Kirkman Road after they observed it roll through a stop sign. Instead of pulling over, the driver of the car continued driving.

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SANDERS: New Fort Worth police chief has critical test with handling Taser death

Fort Worth’s new police chief, Jeff Halstead, has been receiving high marks while making himself known in the community since taking the job last December.

But the chief needs to understand that no matter how well he has been personally accepted, and even praised, over the past few months, he will be graded meticulously on his handling of an incident last weekend in which a 24-year-old mentally ill man died after a Fort Worth police officer shocked him with a Taser.

One Year After Acquittal in Sean Bell Shooting, Lives Remain in Limbo

A year ago Saturday, a judge acquitted three New York City detectives in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell. Yet those on all sides of the case, which still touches off an emotional debate over the police use of deadly force, are exactly where they were last April 25: in limbo.

Soldier subdued by stun gun shoots 2 FLA deputies

NICEVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Two deputies from a troubled sheriff's office in Florida had no warning a confrontation with a National Guard soldier accused of beating his wife would turn deadly, the sheriff said.

Deputies Burt Lopez and Warren "Skip" York used a stun gun to subdue Joshua Cartwright, but he was able to start shooting at them from the ground. Both Lopez and York died.

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