Attributes and Attitude

Us or Them: The Best Strategy to Prevent Violence is Foreknowledge and Strength of Character

Is he a terrorist? Is he linked to an Islamic extremist group? If he is linked, how could he be a member of the United States Military? How could he be right under our noses and no one know whether he was a terrorist planning an attack on those he knew and worked with? All these questions and more surface in the aftermath of the Foot Hood killings; questions that should be asked as part of our efforts to understand and do everything in our power to prevent future acts of violence from occurring.

Rare events: Violence and Destruction...What are the Signs and Signals? (Don't Mind Your Own Business)

Most of us spend our lives in the solitude of peaceful work and social environments, the way American life should be. Yet every so often someone decides to take out their frustrations on the world and commit an act of violence that appears random and shocking. Our everyday norm puts us in a complacent mindset, unaware of our surroundings and ignoring the signs and signals of danger nearby.

Can Diversity Thwart Crime?

How can we leverage the power of diversity, one of our greatest strengths, to fight crime and violence?

First, what is diversity? I found a definition from the University of Oregon that fits my view of what diversity means when it comes to people and conflict:

Chicago cops to be reviewed on attitude

CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department will begin evaluating its officers next year in a new way, examining not only officers' job performance but also their attitudes, ability to adapt and interactions with the public.

The department did away with its evaluation rating system about six years ago after complaints that it was too inconsistent and essentially a "popularity contest," Deputy Supt. of Patrol Daniel Dugan said.

Six secrets for stronger survival training with Charles Remsberg

What do a swimming pool, a dark room, and interrupted simulator scenarios have in common?

All can be instrumental parts of innovative training that can help officers win against armed assailants, according to Chris Ghannam, president of Sark Securities Inc., an independent advanced-training organization based in Tampa, Fla.

What the Hell Does Sun Tzu and Col John Boyd Got to do With IT?


I am often asked by those in the law enforcement and security  professions; Freddie what the hell does Sun Tzu’s theories such as;

To Be Or To Do?

With all the talk of "Mavericks" and "Rebels" I felt it fitting to post this quote from a true Maverick and innovator, someone, who practice what he preached and accomplished plenty in his lifetime, “COL John Boyd” who uttered these words to those struggling with decisions and were lucky enough to get this advice.

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