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The Cops Amaze Me by Bob Lonsberry

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The cops amaze me.

Some days I honestly don’t know how they do it.

Like yesterday, at the Navy Yard.

We know about the bad guy, we know about his military record and his criminal record. And we know what he did.

But we don’t know much about how he came to stop doing what he was doing.

We don’t know much about how they took him down.

I Am An Optimist. It Does Not Seem Too Much Use Being Anything Else!

Found a very good piece at the website Switch and Shift "The Case for Workplace Optimism" which discusses what optimism in the workplace is and then gives you some ideas on how to evolve your culture to one more opportunistic.

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." ~Winston Churchill

Mike Rayburn Asks...What Makes A Good Street Cop?

Mike Rayburn has a very good piece over on Police One that asks the important question "What makes a good street cop? I think Mikes insights are spot one! Take a look and sound off with your thoughts. Stay Oriented! Fred

I’m sure we could come up with a hundred other traits that make a good street cop, but for now, take these few words of wisdom and be safe out there

Fighting the good fight with moral clarity by Lt. Dan Marcou

A great piece by LT Dan Marcou over at Police One on what it means to win on the moral dimension of conflict and hence win at low cost. Stay oriented! Fred

You can sell your honor for a penny or a punch, but once it’s gone, you can’t buy it back for a million bucks


"Once when Marshall Ney was going into battle, looking down at his knees which were smiting together, he said, 'You may well shake; you would shake worse yet if you knew where I am going to take you.'" ~Orison Swett Marden

What or who builds self-imposed barriers? A stonemason named Fear, one who is highly skilled in building powerful barriers from nonexistent stones. Where does this craftsman live? In our minds. He's always there, but it's up to us whether he lives in the back of our minds or the front of our minds.

The Human Problem? by Frank Borelli an article

It’s always been better, in my opinion, to work for a Chief who isn’t eager to hang his troops out to dry. Not that he’d “cover” for them, but he’d understand mistakes can happen.

Great Article From Police One with Val Van Brocklin: How to create 'fierce followers' in law enforcement

With agencies being asked to do more with less — or everything with nothing — developing, nurturing and mining fierce followers is more critical than ever

Guest Post: Bad Boys What You Gonna Do When You’re Wearing Blue: Police Behaving Badly

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“More Better,” Ideals, and To Be or To Do: Guest Post by Scott Shipman

Several years ago I frequented a barber shop owned by a Vietnamese immigrant named, Tom. Tom had been in the United States for over a decade, but hadn’t mastered very much English. However, that didn’t seem to be holding him back as he had/has a thriving business, and does a good job at a good price. The signature conclusion of Tom’s haircuts was rotate the barber chair so the customer could look in the mirror and either approve or disapprove of his work.

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