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Stoning The Gatekeepers: Is It Not Time Society Attempts To Better Understand Police Use of Force?

Police Use of Deadly Force: Should There be a Different Standard For Cops?

“From the tiny town of Colrain at the Vermont border to the siren-pierced streets of Boston, state and local police have shot and killed 73 people across Massachusetts over the last 12 years. The deadliest year was 2013, when 12 people were killed. Every completed killing investigation found the police were justified, in using deadly force; only three of the cases were presented to a grand jury or judicial inquest to determine if a crime was committed.”

Why Does Understanding The OODA Loop Matter to Cops?

Don Vandergriff of Adaptive Leader talks about John Boyd's OODA Loop, why it matters and the implications and opportunities for adaptive leaders in any organization, including the police.

Understanding the OODA Loop by Derek Stephens

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The key to acting more quickly than your adversary is to make it an unconscious response.

Flatenning the Decision Cycle in Tactical Units

I was just turned on to a great website "An Enlightened Soldier" a site dedicated to the study of war, warfare and leadership. In this piece they discuss mission command, its 6 principles and then a simple method on how to improve individual and hence organizational OODA Loops. Stay Oriented! Fred

Tactical Supervision: Coaches and Chessplayers: Guest Post By Louis Hayes

Some more interesting thinking from Louis Hayes purveyor of The Illinois Model. Here he talks about the balance of linear thinking for the technical problems (Chess player) and nonlinear thinking (Coach)for the adaptive problems we in law enforcement face. As with most we do in law enforcement there is a balance to be struck if we are to be successful. Thanks to Louis for allowing us to post here!


To effectively function in the initial, chaotic stages of a crisis, develop adaptive leaders

“The learning organization overcomes the impediment of centralized responsibility by instilling within the organization’s members a thirst for creativity and hunger for a challenge.” ~Brig. Gen. David A. Fastabend and Robert Simpson, Adapt or Die

The Missing Piece of NIMS: Teaching Incident Commanders How to Function in the Edge of Chaos by Police Chief, Cynthia Renaud

The Homeland Security Affairs article "The Missing Piece of NIMS: Teaching Incident Commanders How to Function in the Edge of Chaos" by Folsom California Police Chief, Cynthia Renaud is a must read article for law enforcement.

From Police One 3 techniques for controlling your brain with Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.

If you see a snake in the woods, your linking brain can potentially “see” every twig was a snake for the duration of your long walk home

For a layman like me, a general understanding of brain function can be simplified as consisting of a lizard brain, linking brain, and logic brain.

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