Evolving Threats

Santisma Muerte: A Troubling Trend in Radicalization by Hakim Hazim

Santisma Muerte: A Troubling Trend in Radicalization

“I don’t know Hakim. This isn’t typical; it’s spreading. I’ve worked here for a few years now and this is different. The inmates are doing some strange religious stuff. We know they are praying, but we don’t know who they are praying to.” LASD Deputy

Red Teaming Criminal Insurgency

The specter of criminal insurgency is haunting the police stations and barracks of North America. Powerful criminal networks increasingly challenge the state’s monopoly on force, creating new threats to national security. Mexico is currently deteriorating under the weight of criminal violence, but it is by no means the only state in the Americas suffering from criminal insurgency. We are seeing a general rise in the power of transnational criminal organizations ranging from the street collective MS-13 to the powerful Mexican drug cartels—and the threat could hit us very close to home.

Emerging Threat to Officers: From Global Guerrillas

Quotes February 2009

"Organized crime groups that are part of a national network have decided to use local residents ... to seize the main streets and paralyze traffic in our city."
Gov. Jose Gonzalez of Nuevo Leon in response to four days of road closures in Monterrey Mexico (pop. 3.7 million). 

Mumbai attackers had hit list of 320 world targets

Lashkar-e-Taiba ringleaders had ambitions well beyond causing mayhem in India, the Guardian has learned…

The plotters behind the Mumbai attack, which left more than 170 people dead, had placed India's financial capital on a list of 320 worldwide locations as potential targets for commando-style terror strikes, the Guardian has learned. Continue reading

Small Wars Journal Article: Postcard from Mumbai: Modern Urban Siege

Outstanding article all law enforcement and security should read from the Small Wars Journal Postcard from Mumbai: Modern Urban Siege… Our adversaries are adapting their tactics to exploit our weaknesses with small unit tactics and multiple targets spreading our resources and capabilities.

The Coming Swarm by JOHN ARQUILLA

Picked this up from Global Guerilla's: Take a look at the New York Times article The Coming Swarm. The article focuses on the changing trend in terrorist attacks to one of multiple small unit tactics to exploit responder resources and capabilities. Local Police Departments and Security practitioners of Hotels, Businesses, Universities and Colleges had best re-evaluate their methods of handling one critical incident at time to one that adapts to multiple tiered attacks. It appears our adversaries have studied us well and know us possibly better, than we know ourselves.

Alleged Gang Plot to Target Brockton Officer Foiled; 12 Face Charges Police Say Groups Sought Retaliation

Officer Safety… For more information on Gangs and their 4th-Generation Warfare methods and tactics read H. John Poole’s newest book Tequila Junction 4th-Generation Counter Insurgency. He discuses threats at home and abroad. I highly recommend it.Tequila Junction by H. John Poole



In the aftermath of the deadly Mumbai terror attacks, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has come out with guns blazing - with a plan to get all 1,000 rookie cops ready to use heavy artillery in time for New Year's Eve, The Post has learned.


Tequila Junction 4th Generation Counterinsurgency by H. John Poole

I just finished reading the latest book by John Poole, "Tequila Junction 4th-Generation Counterinsurgency." The book is outstanding. I could not put it down. It’s not a novel, but if your interest or responsibility is security, it reads like one. Tequila Junction is, a lesson on current world events including intelligence gathered on non-Muslim threats to America from Central and South America and their links to China.

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