Why Does Understanding The OODA Loop Matter to Cops?

Don Vandergriff of Adaptive Leader talks about John Boyd's OODA Loop, why it matters and the implications and opportunities for adaptive leaders in any organization, including the police.

Understanding the OODA Loop by Derek Stephens

Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto.com.
Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto.com.

The key to acting more quickly than your adversary is to make it an unconscious response.

John Boyd’s Art of War Why our greatest military theorist only made colonel. By William S. Lind

John Boyd during the Korean War

John Boyd during the Korean War

A great piece on Col John Boyd and his ideas that evolved military thinking towards maneuver and leadership methodology towards the adaptive. The piece was written by William Lind author of the Maneuver Warfare Handbook.

Stay Oriented! Fred

Flatenning the Decision Cycle in Tactical Units

I was just turned on to a great website "An Enlightened Soldier" a site dedicated to the study of war, warfare and leadership. In this piece they discuss mission command, its 6 principles and then a simple method on how to improve individual and hence organizational OODA Loops. Stay Oriented! Fred

Col John Boyd: Question and Answer Video

Bryan Hackett purveyor of Rapid Research a small independent, advisory focused on making intelligent, data-informed business decisions, sponsored the restoration of Colonel John Boyd’s presentation at Air University. It is one of the few known surviving videos of his briefings.

“The comprehensive overview of Boyd’s work shows that the OODA loop represents and means more...

...than a decision process, and the model contains more elements for victory than information superiority and speed. The OODA loop is much less a model of decision-making than a model of individual and organizational learning and adaptation in which the element of orientation-made up of genetics, experience, culture, plays the dominant role in the game of hypothesis and test, of analysis and synthesis, of destruction and creation.” ~Frans P.B. Osinga, Science Strategy and war: The strategic theory of John Boyd


My friend Don Vandergriff was given the text for the speech delivered last Thursday June 13th by MajGen Jack Shanahan at Nellis Air Force Base upon the rededication of Boyd Hall. He got the speech from his friend, Robert Coram, author of Boyd: The Fighter Pilot who Changed the Art of War. He was just present at the dedication of the John Boyd Building at Nellis, AFB, Nevada.

Guest Post by Michael G. Moore: Boyd's Snowmobile ...or what made Alexander “The Great”

The whole point of observation in the context of policing is so that we are able to make sense of what’s going on in real time rapidly changing conditions. We make situational assessments in the midst of uncertainty as circumstances ebb and flow through our minds that we interpret based on our life experience and the unfolding conditions we now find ourselves in. The patterns we recognize make sense to us and hence we are capable to responding accordingly. However what if the patterns we are observing does not make sense?

What Do OODA Loop’s Mean to the Street Cop, Wanting To Become “World Class” Tacticians?

Three officers respond at 3AM to the call of a disturbance. When they arrive, there are three people present, two males and a female. One male is intoxicated; I will only focus on him for the purpose of this example. Intoxicated male is spoken to by responding officers. They tell him to call it a night and to go to bed and sleep it off. He says he will and turns to go into the house. The officers continue gathering information for the incident report.

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