Charging the bullet: A scientific evaluation of our tactics

“That General is wise who before entering into war carefully studies the enemy, and can guard against his strong points and take advantage of his weaknesses.” ~Maurikios, The Strategikon

Chet Richards On: Boyd's Really Real OODA Loop

One thing about those who follow Boyd’s ideas is that they are constantly reflecting upon how to best improve decision making under pressure.

Destruction and Creation

Chet Richards has a newly edited version of Col John Boyd’s Destruction and Creation posted at Fast Transients.

A Video Biography of COL John Boyd


The Utility of OODA...It"s Much More Than a Loop

A great article over at Fast Company titled “The Strategy of a Fighter Pilot” that discusses the utility of COL John Boyd's OODA Loop in a vast array of disciplines. We like things simple although the reality of how things unfold is not so simple, they are instead often times dynamic and complex. Boyd understood, changes ceaselessly, unfolding "in an irregular, disorderly, unpredictable manner," despite our vain attempts to ensure the contrary.

Train the brain: Using tactical decision games in training Published at POLICE ONE

On-the-job training and experience is often stated as “the way” to learn the job of policing. What does this mean to us cops? Does it mean with time on the job we’ll get better at what we do, automatically, or magically from working shift after shift and handling call after call? Every time we race to the scene and charge towards the sounds of danger and come out safe with suspect in custody, mean that we have somehow gotten better just by being there and participating in the dangerous encounter?

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