The Guy Behind the Guy, Behind the Guy: A Case for Taking our Roles More Seriously

Another great post from "An Enlightened Soldier" I think we in law enforcement can all learn from on the importance of knowing our stuff and the effort it takes to do so. Do you take your role seriously? Stay Oriented! Fred

Brian Willis Offers Great Info on Defeating...The Enemy Of Innovation

Expertise is the Enemy of Innovation – Tip #5 in Stephen Shapiro’s book Best Practices Are Stupid. Shapiro goes on to say, “The more you know about a particular topic, the more difficult it is for you to think about it in a different way. Your solutions will most likely be “been there, done that” ideas that are limited to your area of expertise.

Great Piece on Adaptability by Brian Willis: The Dinosaur versus The Cockroach Training Model

Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of the lessons I took away from Georges St-Pierre's book GSP: The Way of the Fight. St-Pierre is the current UFC Welterweight Champion and is considered by some as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and just happens to be a fellow Canadian.

Guest Post: Continued Learning: Obtaining Your Criminal Justice Degree Online

This post is something for those interested in becoming a police officer or those already in law enforcement looking to continue their education. Part of my efforts at this web-site and blog is to provide information i think is relevent to improving the law enforcement profession and those individuals who choose to serve in it. Education and training is the catalyst to that. These efforts are made possible even more today through online programs.

Learning Like an Expert: A Guest Post by Marshall Wallace

This guest post is from a fellow Boydian thinker, and friend Marshall Wallace. Marshall had mentioned at one of our Boyd and Beyond Boston meetings that he was working on a paper "Learning Like an Expert" below are his insights into what we need to do to create and nurture critical thinkers and problem solvers, this includes those of us in law enforcement.

Marshall explains There are four tools that the Training of Trainers needs to model. This modeling represents, on the one hand, how to gain experience, while on the other it also shows how to continue self-training.

Boyd and Beyond 2013

Boyd and Beyond

Dates for Boyd and Beyond 2013 at Quantico, Virginia, are 11 and 12 October 2013.

More details to follow.

Take Small Steps, Towards, Lifelong Learning In 2013

“The most powerful drive in the ascent of man is his pleasure in his own skill. He loves to do what he does well and, having done it well, he loves to do it better. You see it in his science. You see it in the magnificence with which he carves and builds, the loving care, the gaiety, the effrontery. The monuments are supposed to commemorate kings and religions, heroes, dogmas, but in the end the man they commemorate is the builder.” ~Jacob Bronowski

Ready, Aim, Ready?

The New York Times has a great article "Ready, Aim, Ready? that discusses the importance of not only traditional firearms training but the need for scenario based training. Firearms skills are perishable and decision making skills the same hold true, the skills are perishable.

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