LESC Workshop for The Full Spectrum Street Cop:

Dangerous Body Language: A Thousand Words…None Spoken!

Operation Bold Strike: Follow Me Training Support Package

Exciting opportunities to create and nurture tactical decision makers at the Follow Me web-site. Just posted, Operation Bold Strike: Follow Me Training Support Package. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity provided to us by the United States Military Academy West Point Department of Military Instruction.

Follow Me!!! Creating and Nurturing Tactical Decision Makers With Combat Tested Methodologies

Cops Dying from Poor Tactical Decisions…That's the Problem!

In 2010, 162 police officers died in the line of duty. Thus far in 2011 we have 2 officers killed in the line of duty. Not a good start to the new year.  You can see how these deaths break down here at the Officer Down Memorial Page. 

Baltimore Police Sergeants Training Using Adaptive Leadership Methodology with Don Vandergriff's AAR

Don Vandergriff has applied the principles of the adaptive leadership methodology successfully throughout the Army and he continues to do so in the Army, the Marine Corps and now he is bringing these methods to a modern metropolitan police department specifically the Baltimore Police Department.

Intersecting Ideas from Cross Disciplines...and Taking Boyd's Theories Beyond

“The future opponent may be as well armed as they are; he will be able to concentrate a numerical superiority against isolated detachments at the time and place he chooses. (United States Marine Corps, 1940)

LESC WORKSHOP: Officer Created Jeopardy

Officer Created Jeopardy is failure to adapt to changing conditions, due to a false sense of urgency, complacency, emotions, habit, or attributes that stifle insight and innovation. Officer Created Jeopardy stems from lack of knowledge and/or the ability to apply knowledge in a strategic and tactical way to the changing conditions. Considering the factors of Time and Risk! Cops killed in the line of duty unnecessarily or improper use of force utilized are problems stemming form officer created jeopardy. 

LESC WORKSHOP: Workplace Violence Prevention Adaptive Strategies

LESC Instruction for Businesses

Workshop: Workplace Violence Prevention Adaptive Strategies Most of us spend our lives in the solitude of peaceful work and social environments, the way American life should be. Yet every so often someone decides to take out their frustrations on the world and commit an act of violence that appears random and shocking. Our everyday norm puts us in a complacent mindset, unaware of our surroundings and ignoring the signs and signals of danger nearby.

Boyd and Beyond Symposium: Marine Corps Base, Quantico Virginia, October 15th &16th 2010

There will be a Boyd and Beyond Symposium at Marine Corps Base Quantico Virginia on October 15th and 16th 2010. The symposium will have numerous esteemed speakers from varying disciplines, discussing how the theories of COL John Boyd are applied  to the vast array of problems and threats we face.

Basic Firearms Safety Course: Holiday Inn Express North Attleboro Saturday September 11th 2010 10AM-3PM

Course Description

This program of instruction is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of
the firearm, so it can be handled and stored safely. The Basic Firearms Safety
Course is designed for those seeking a License to carry firearms (LTC). This is a classroom only presentation with lecture and hands on dry fire and loading drills conducted to enhance learning.

Some of what this course covers is as follows:


This is not the subject we normally post here at LESC but Chet Richards is involved in the development and implementation of this program for Kennesaw State University. If Chet is involved i know it will be a top notch program that brings COL John Boyd's theories to the Business world.


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