Violence Prevention

Recognizing The Signs and Signals That Lead To Violent Acts At Our Schools and Making Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Them

“Know yourself and know your enemy. You will be safe in every battle. You may know yourself but not know the enemy. You will then lose one battle for every one you win. You may not know yourself or the enemy. You will then lose every battle.” ~Sun Tzu

Reducing Violence is About Not Grabbing a Gun

My good friend Pete Turner has written an enlightening piece "Reducing Violence is About Not Grabbing a Gun" Pete has spent years in conflict zones advising military commanders on how to best better understand their operational effect. More importantly for these leaders is developing their organizational ability create a repeatable and lasting positive affect. Affects are achieved by leveraging culture. Using existing cultural systems allows organizations to speed partnering and success.

Felix Nader Discusses The Value of Workplace Violence Prevention

In this short video clip Felix Nader discusses the value of workplace violence prevention policies. Yes we have prepared people how to respond to the violence but to take workplace violence to the next level of readiness we must focus robustly on preventing these acts.

Does Mass Violence Unfold Randomly and Chaotic or is There Hidden Order We Can Leverage in Our Prevention Efforts?

“Newton’s laws describe the motion of everything under the Sun and give physics great power in its ability to relate cause and effect. Yet the path of a ball in a pin ball machine seems to defy human control, it seems chaotic.” ~Chaos, Professor Steven Strogatz, Cornell University

Dangerous Body Language: Digging Beyond What You See!

I read a very interesting article on TSA screening  and the SPOT program developed by Paul Ekman they are using in and effort to spot potential terrorist and or terrorist activity. The article “More on Airport Clairvoyance Machines” by Ed Brayton discusses the validity of the technique of using body language and facial expressions in our efforts to make airports and travel safer.

Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar: A Seminar You Cannot Afford to Miss

A ½ day Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar to help prevent instances of violence in your workplace. This public training seminar will provide tips to help you manage your risk and avoid liability for any incidents of violence that may occur. This seminar will be presented by employment law expert, Melissa Fleischer, Esq. and law enforcement security consultant, Fred Leland, Jr.

DATE: May 11, 2011

LESC and HR Learning Center Form Alliance Providing Cutting Edge Workplace Violence Prevention Workshops

The Evolutionary Goals and Mission of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Violence Prevention Workshops is to make manifest the nature of conflict and violence within an organization and to discern a pattern for successful operations at preventing and resolving conflict and violence. To help generalize tactics and strategy to cope with unfolding events via the observation, orientation, decision and action cycles in an effort to establish a basis for a grand violence prevention strategy while building resilient violent free organizations.

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