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LESC in The News Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence

Reducing the risk of workplace violence NECN Video Report

NECN: Peter Howe, Stoneham/North Attleborough, Mass.) - It's a question no boss ever wants to think about -- but then along comes a workplace shooting like Tuesday's Connecticut horror: How do I keep my employees safe from a disgruntled, possibly deadly, colleague?

Workplace Violence and Harassment: Bill 168 to Impact Franchise Systems

Employers have always had an obligation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the OHSA), to take all reasonable precautions to protect workers, a duty which is arguably already broad enough to encompass an obligation to protect workers from violence in the workplace. The recent amendments to the OHSA, which come into force June 15, 2010, confirm the extent of this duty, and also outline a number of specific steps employers must take in relation to violence and harassment at work.

University of South Florida faculty newsletter Staying Safe: How to Protect Yourself Against Workplace Violence

The University of South Florida has a new, short ,and too the point article about how to protect your self in the workplace. The recommendations apply to preventing violence in any other environment you find yourself in, as well.

Shootings renew fears over workplace threats

Three recent workplace shootings have again cast a spotlight on violence at work and the steps employers can take to recognize threats and protect employees, particularly in the ways they hire, fire or lay off workers.

“This certainly has been a busy week for us,” said Richard Denenberg, co-director of Workplace Solutions Inc., a Red Hook, N.Y.-based nonprofit crisis prevention consultant. “There is a lot to be learned from all of this.”

Do Our Loyalties Affect Violence?

This is a great question posed by John Robb over at Global Guerillas on the recent Fort Hood shooting and possible critical factors. Factors that could very well be pre-incident indictors, red flags, or signs and signals we should at least think about and consider if prediction and prevention efforts are the focus of our strategy.

Gunman surrenders in high school standoff

All safe after principal held hostage in upstate N.Y.

Image: Suspect in custody

A suspect is seen in custody outside Stissing Mountain High in Pine Plains, N.Y.

PINE PLAINS, N.Y. - A suspect who held a school administrator hostage at a New York high school surrendered Tuesday morning, the Duchess County Sheriff's Office said.

Us or Them: The Best Strategy to Prevent Violence is Foreknowledge and Strength of Character

Is he a terrorist? Is he linked to an Islamic extremist group? If he is linked, how could he be a member of the United States Military? How could he be right under our noses and no one know whether he was a terrorist planning an attack on those he knew and worked with? All these questions and more surface in the aftermath of the Foot Hood killings; questions that should be asked as part of our efforts to understand and do everything in our power to prevent future acts of violence from occurring.

Rare events: Violence and Destruction...What are the Signs and Signals? (Don't Mind Your Own Business)

Most of us spend our lives in the solitude of peaceful work and social environments, the way American life should be. Yet every so often someone decides to take out their frustrations on the world and commit an act of violence that appears random and shocking. Our everyday norm puts us in a complacent mindset, unaware of our surroundings and ignoring the signs and signals of danger nearby.

Orlando shooting suspect charged with murder, apologizes

Orlando shooter Jason Rodriguez was deep in debt and angry with the engineering firm that fired him because according to him, "they left me to rot."
Rodriguez, a former civil engineer, recently told a bankruptcy judge he was now making less than $30,000 a year at a Subway sandwich shop and was in debt to the tune of $90,000.

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