Workplace Violence

Hospital guards defy law to restrain patients

HOSPITAL security guards are defying State Government legal advice that they have no power to restrain violent patients.

Health Department documents show security guards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital asked for a written guarantee that they would be protected from legal action when restraining patients after police cut back on officers transporting mental health patients.

The department advised guards: "There is no clear statutory powers of restraint for security guards."

ACA shootings heighten need for security Many businesses evaluating workplace safety in wake of massacre

You now have to walk through a metal detector while security searches your bags - all to check out a book at the Broome County Public Library or conduct other business there.

The library has been the new, temporary home for some of the 26 Broome County departments that moved from the county office building on Hawley Street in Binghamton to about a dozen different area locations two weeks ago.

With the relocation comes the county's security screening process, which aims to protect employees and visitors against threats, said James Dadamio, the county's security director.

Three dead in Calif. hospital shooting

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A hospital worker shot and killed two employees and then killed himself at a medical center Thursday, sending panicked people fleeing, police and witnesses said.

The gunman was identified as Mario Ramirez, 50, of Alhambra, who died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said. The victims were Hugo Bustamante, 46, of Cypress, who died at the scene, and Kelly Hales, 56, of Redondo Beach, who was taken to the hospital's emergency room in critical condition and died several hours later.

U of Cincinnati Nursing School Obtains Grant to Curb ED Violence

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing has been awarded a $1.3 million grant to research ways to stop violence against direct care providers in EDs.

The grant comes from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a division of the CDC. The four-year study focuses on physical violence and verbal threats by patients and visitors against direct care providers — including physicians, nurses, and aides — in adult EDs. Continue reading

Three injured in shooting at Hampton University dormitory

A former Hampton University student armed with three loaded handguns shot a dorm manager and a pizza delivery driver inside a school dorm early Sunday before turning the gun on himself, officials said.

All three survived, and a suspect was quickly arrested. A motive for the shooting was not clear.

The dorm manager, who was shot three times, had been released from a hospital on Sunday. The delivery driver and the suspect, age 18, remained in a hospital in stable condition, university officials said.

Recession fuels worries of U.S. workplace violence

* Fears of workplace violence growing

* Workers prone to violence tend to reveal intentions

* Fueling fear is perpetrators who seemed normal

By Ellen Wulfhorst

NEW YORK, April 22 (Reuters) - A worker recently laid off by a U.S. financial services company grew so upset that the firm had him followed to be sure he didn't strike out violently at his former co-workers or bosses.

Expert Calls for More Crisis Planning After Hospital Shooting

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A crisis-prevention expert urged health-care campuses to review their safety practices and implement additional policies, following the shooting deaths of three Long Beach Memorial Medical Center workers.

Judging by news accounts of the incident, the medical center appeared to follow the proper procedures, according to Bill Badzmierowski, director of instructor services at the Crisis Prevention Institute in Brookfield, Wisc.

Fred Leland on 1380 WNRI Career Life Balance Radio with Host Coach DQ Discussing Workplace Violence

Learn what you can do to recognize signs of danger in the workplace

Something a little different from our regular programming, yet an important topic to cover because you can never be too aware!  Unfortunately, it happens almost every day: a disgruntled employee walks into the workplace and starts shooting.  How can this be prevented?  What are the signs? What can business leaders do to avert disaster?

Raw Data: Past Deadly U.S. Mass Shootings

A gunman walked into an immigration services center in downtown Binghamton, N.Y. on Friday, killing an unknown number of people, wounding at least six, and taking as many as 41 hostage. Here is a glance at some of the worst U.S. mass shootings in recent years:

— March 29, 2009: Robert Stewart, 45, shot and killed eight people at Pinelake Health and Rehab in Carthage, N.C. before a police officer shot him and ended the rampage.

Post-Columbine programs help prevent rampages

By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY

Even as experts agree there's no certain way to prevent another Columbine, researchers are discovering how schools can minimize violence, and a rising number have launched programs to head off shootings.

Jeff Daniels, a counseling psychologist at West Virginia University, has studied schools that foiled rampage killings. They share a few key qualities:

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