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Law Enforcement and Security Consulting (LESC) programs are designed to enhance and expand individual or organizational potential to deal with conflict. LESC techniques develop the ability to objectively observe and recognize unseen opportunities or threats; relate observations to circumstances; systematically devise a plan of action; and execute with impunity The LESC team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to saving lives through established self-defense and confrontation strategies, weapons handling and practical policing combined with heightened appreciation for the powers of intuitive response and the mapping of predictable human behavior.



Handling Dynamic Encounters: the world is a changing place and its expected that professionals in the law enforcement and security fields be prepared to handle whatever type of encounter may present itself.  Knowing and understanding the dynamics of dangerous encounters, showing tactical restraint and have the ability to deescalate or gain voluntary compliances and make critical decisions is what it is about. It is an art that needs to be developed through training properly as you will fight in the REAL world.  The course involves both classroom role-plays and the students participating in tactical games.  This is an 8-hour course of instruction.

Use of Force: In the fast paced rapidly changing circumstances surrounding a dangerous encounter it is critical that your officers know and understand the law and dynamics surrounding use of force encounters. Your men use force on a daily bases from their mere presence, to hands on defensive tactics, impact weapons such as baton and they have the right to use deadly force when their life or the life of someone else is in imminent jeopardy of death or serious bodily harm.  For two long we have taught what officers should not do in these life threatening confrontations leaving them with questions un-answered in circumstances where hesitation can be life threatening. It is time they learn and understand what they can do based on the current laws governing use of force incidents. This course gives them the information they need to perform their jobs effectively. This is an 8-hour course of instruction.

Terrorism Awareness: provide a working knowledge of terrorist and criminal extremist groups and individuals, their activities and tactics, and how to recognize and report indicators of terrorist/criminals extremism.

Practical Pistol Course: this course is designed to give the student or agency an understanding in their choice of firearms.  The course is designed to teach the officer in the basic fundamentals of shooting and improve upon those skills emphasizing Precision and Point Shoulder Shooting Techniques.  The course will discuss the differences in firearms with focus mainly on the agencies choice of firearms how it operates.  The course will be two days of classroom instruction and three days of skill development on the range.  The student will demonstrate his/hers capabilities and proficiency with the firearm and will be subject to live-fire qualification.  Prerequisite course in use of force must be completed before practical pistol course can be taken.                                                                                                     

Close Quarter Battle:  this is an advanced firearms training class designed to push the students skills beyond that of the practical pistol course.  The course is designed to teach critical skills up close as statistics show is reality in the world of dynamic confrontation.  The student must come motivated to learn and push him/herself beyond that of just learning to shoot.  The student will learn how to win and survive dynamic confrontations.  This is a three day training course 20 hours on the range.  Prerequisite class is the practical pistol course.

Impact Weapon Techniques: this course will teach the law enforcement or security professional how to and when to use the impact weapon as a defensive tool.  The use of force model will be discussed to give the security officer a full understanding of when it is appropriate to use the impact weapon.  There will be hands particles exercises with the impact weapon.  Each student will have to show proficiency with the impact weapon and there will be a written exam testing the student’s knowledge.  This is a 4-hour course of instruction.  Prerequisite course in use of force must be completed before impact weapon techniques course can be taken.

Compliant Handcuffing Techniques: this course is designed to teach the student how to utilize handcuffs appropriately when dealing with a compliant subject.  We will discuss awareness levels; demonstrate tactical approach to subjects, the six components of handcuffing and proper monitoring of handcuffed individuals. This course is a hand’s on practical course and the student will have to demonstrate ability to safely approach and apply handcuffs with techniques taught. A written test will also be administered. This is a 4-hour course of instruction.  Prerequisite course in use of force must be completed before compliant handcuffing can be taken.

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