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Security Consultant Group Inc. (SCG) is a rapidly growing security and technical consulting firm with innovative, aggressive, and quality solutions to client requirements. SCG currently employees over 1300 employees nationwide. Headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, SCG is a mature, dynamic, and well-managed minority- and veteran-owned business with a strategic plan and strong management team that distinguishes us in the areas of security services and systems.

 The following testimonials are from employees of Security Consultants Group, Inc. (SCG) New England Offices. All have participated in training from Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Inc. The training consisted of Security Officer 72 hour Basic Training, 40 hour Security Officer Recertification, both the 72 and 40 hour courses focus on the Federal Protective Service Practical Pistol Course (40 Hours), which requires all participants to qualify on the Federal Law Enforcement training Centers Qualification Course.

 The Course overview is as follows: 

  • Customer oriented protection
  • Overview of the contract guard
  • Principals of Communication 1
  • Principals of Communication 2
  • Ethics & professionalism Part 1
  • Ethics & professionalism Part 2
  • Professional public relations 1
  • Professional public relations 2
  • Understanding human behavior 1
  • Understanding human behavior 2
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Law legal authorities jurisdiction responsibilities
  • Crimes and offences
  • Search and Seizure
  • Crimes scene protection
  • Rules of evidence
  • Contract guard administration
  • Post duties
  • General response procedures
  • Access control
  • Crime detection assessment and response
  • Safety and fire prevention
  • Records reports and forms
  • Special situations
  • Flying the flag
  • Civil disturbances
  • Terrorism anti-terrorism WMD
  • Hostage situations
  • Bomb threats incidents
  • Workplace violence
  • Arrest authority and procedures
  • Patrol methods and hazards
  • Use of force
  • Firearms safety and handling
  • Range Familiarization Fire
  • Review of First aid & Blood borne pathogens
  • Defensive tactics
  • Use of handcuffs
  • OC / Baton

Security Consultant Group Inc. Testimonials

 The overall classroom presentation was great. The interaction between student and instructor makes it come to life.

 Dynamic Instructors having the ability to bring out real life experience as the best tools and they used them in a professional manner “Got the class to get involved!”

 Excellent in 30 years of attending classes this was the most and best class I have ever attended and I have attended training as a civilian and reservist at air force bases through out the country.

 Instructors are very hands on and passionate about their teaching. They infect the classroom with energy and a hunger to learn more. I could not imagine having someone else teach the course. Instructor is great at what they do and have a pool of knowledge.

 The best instructor I have had the pleasure of attending class with, your knowledge, passion and style of teaching is perfect!! I wish I had a criticism but honestly, I don’t know how you could possibly improve. Sorry Fred, it isn’t broke and it would be tough to improve.

 Excellent informative, interesting and exciting!

 Excellent very knowledgeable, experienced, exciting and informative!

 Longer- could be more than 72 hours. If can’t lengthen, no need for improvement.

 Knowledgeable and easy to follow effectively presented materials clearly and concisely.

 Outstanding, great connection with class, Believes in what you teach (very important).

 Honestly, I am glad that you were the instructor, After 3 days I seriously thought to myself “showing us live scenarios and actually dealing with encounters as apposed to just “the facts” that some day your training may save my life.”

 Excellent! Very well done! A great wealth of knowledge!

 “The man” the best teacher I’ve had. Superb teaching skills!

 Your course has made security officers break out from that “rent-a-cop attitude. We will be able to do our job much better. Thank you!

 One of, if not the best training classes I’ve had and this includes 22 years as a police officer, sergeant and 10 years as a security officer.

 Leave it just the way it is. It’s the best class I’ve been in.

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