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Quotes February 2009

“Organized crime groups that are part of a national network have decided to use local residents … to seize the main streets and paralyze traffic in our city.”
Gov. Jose Gonzalez of Nuevo Leon in response to four days of road closures in Monterrey Mexico (pop. 3.7 million). 

We are seeing Mexican hit men coming into the US doing hits for the drug gangs. One hit team took out three people at one time in (a middle American city).  My team took out two small groups in (a middle American city), but they are here to stay. Very dangerous group. They cross over into the US then using Greyhound buses to travel up north. They are good at counter surveillance. They have been hiring private eyes to find cops, and informers to deal out death.

Undercover cop in middle American city (I cleaned up the syntax and anonymized it).

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