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“Thus, it is both sobering and compelling to recall that among the millions of life forms that have inhabited the Earth and engaged in potentially lethal conflicts, one simple rule applies: those who have mastered the evolutionary game survive and prosper…those who have not become extinct.“ ~Raphael D. Sagarin


This issue of People Ideas and Hardware in That Order the LESC Newsletter the Tactical Concept of the week is Adaptability. So in keeping with the theme of my programs of instruction I had to walk the talk on adaptability and learn how to work the newsletter section of my site. Computers and web-site design are not my forte and for the past several months I have stuck to my habit of Microsoft Outlook to put the messages out. But in the spirit of adaptation this will be the format the LESC Newsletter will be in from this point on with changes as they become necessary.

In setting up this program I had to re-do my contacts in the web-site format and input your names into the system. I f by chance you get double messages and overload of your inbox please send me an email and I will  fix that problem.

Tactical Concept of the Week

Adaptability: “is an effective change in response to an altered situation.”

My friend Don Vandergriff defines Adaptability “is an effective change in response to an altered situation.” it is not speed of reaction, but the slower, more deliberate processes associated with problem solving.

I cannot help but think that this word and its meaning as defined by Don is the key to officer survival on the street and in handling the vast array of crises we in the protection professions respond to. The ability to think strategically and adapt a tactical plan to rapidly unfolding circumstances in an effort to prevent or resolve conflict and violence is critical.

We law enforcement, military, and security professionals are all to often policy and procedure driven which in my view which makes us inflexible and unable to respond effectively on a consistent basis, especially in dynamic confrontation. Its time we start to think about how we respond effectively instead of worrying about CYA and the aftermath with strict so called guidelines that are only effective in the linear world where a known end result is sought.

Sun Tzu in The Art of War dedicates an entire chapter (8) to Adaptability. Those who think of strategy usually think strategy means planning, but in this particular chapter on adaptability Sun Tzu makes it clear that strategy is about continually changing our plans. Strategy is less about plans and more about understanding processes, exploiting opportunities as conflict unfolds. Yes we do use well defined methods, but we must also adjust these methods if we are to be successful in reaching our goals and handling crises.

In conflict and crisis things unfold in a complex and non-linear way. Its time we start to focus on how to get better at what we no how to do in a way that shows true professionalism and effectiveness. Training and education along with the understanding that we must continuously adapt, learning, unlearning and relearning based on the emergent threats we face in combination with individual and collective past experience.

Policies, procedures and guidelines should be written with the intent of making the frontline adaptable and effective to we may respond based on the unfolding circumstances and not a canned procedure that usually gets you canned results.  

“Military leaders must be experts in knowing how to adapt and win. this will teach you the use of war.” ~Sun Tzu

The articles, police, security, university and campus related news and related reports as well as the programs of instruction posted in this newsletter are designed to keep the process of evolutionary learning and adaptability alive and well in our professions so we train to make a difference! A difference in how we, observe our surroundings and orient to the whole situation as it unfolds. In an effort to make good intuitive and explicit decisions based on time and risk that can be adapted and applied through various actions while enhancing officer safety and the safety of those we protect.

Please remember the newsletter is linked to the WWW.LESC.NET the LESC blog, where we can discuss these issues and any other you would like to bring up. In the end learning, education and training are linked and it takes collaborative efforts by all to make the difference that is needed.

Stay Oriented!





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