The Third (Hidden) “O” in “OO_DA” By: Frank Borelli | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

For any contemporary warrior who is not already familiar with Boyd’s Cycle – the human decision making paradigm – I say to you, “Go and study.” First documented by Col. John Boyd (USAF Ret, now deceased), the Human Decision Making Cycle is comprised of the following four steps repeated in endless loops: Observe; Orient; Decide; Act. Anyone who has ever been in a fight knows that thinking faster than your opponent matters – and not just a little. Veteran combatants have given testimony as to the applicability and importance of Boyd’s Cycle. More specifically, they’ve talked about how important it is for every warrior to understand what an “OODA Loop” is and how moving through it faster than your opponent means you’ll be victorious. This week we take an in-depth look at the third (hidden) “O”: as in OH SH*T.

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