LESC to present Boyd Cycle Threat Assessment and Management to Alaska State Police October 2009 | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

I am proud to announce I will be traveling to Anchorage in early October to present The Boyd Cycle Threat Assessment and Management Workshop to the Alaska State Police.

It is an honor for me to be bringing the theories of the late COL John Boyd to law enforcement officers and security officers  throughout this country, so than can apply better strategies and tactics on the streets. The Boyd Cycle is about creating and nurturing awareness and decision making under pressure so cops, protection professionals are more adaptable in the field.

Principles of Boyd Cycle (threat assessment and decision making concept) are put to work in this workshop, which teaches risk and threat assessment and provides students with the means to project probable effects and outcome of unchecked risks. Learn how to use Observation and Orientation, Decision and Action (the OODA Phases of the Boyd Cycle) to minimize risk and enhance ability to assess threats effectively, enhancing professionalism and safety in your specific environment.

Bringing this material to Alaska State Police and the Challenges they face I am looking forward to.

“Decisions without actions are pointless. Actions without decisions are reckless.” ~COL John Boyd

Stay Oriented!


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