Letter from Bombay Anatomy of a Siege By Marie Brenner | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

Last year … I was working as a decorator in Jhelum city [in Pakistan]. But I was unhappy with the meager amount that I would make.… My friend Muzaffar suggested that for better money we should get into robbery and dacoity [armed robbery]. I … went to Rawalpindi with Muzaffar and took a room on rent.

We … knocked on the door. A man opened it and asked me what had I come for. I told him we had come for jihad, so he let us in.… Abu Maaviya was our trainer and trained me for three months in operating rocket launchers, grenades, AK-47s, and other sophisticated weapons.… Of the 15 of us, 2 had run away, while 6 were sent to Kashmir. So 7 of us were left, to which 3 other boys were added, making us 10 in all—five pairs … sent to Mumbai.

In C.S.T. [Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus], Abu Ismail and I started firing at the public there with our AK-47 rifles. Ismail was throwing grenades also.… [Later, on the street,] I was surrounded by police. One snatched my gun. The others started punching me on my abdomen.… I then lost consciousness and woke up only in the hospital. —From the confession made in court in Mumbai (Bombay) on July 20, 2009, by Ajmal Kasab, 21, the only survivor of the 10 gunmen who carried out the terrorist attack on the city on November 26, 2008.


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