Urban Siege in South Asia | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

Great article by John Sullivan and Adam Elkus “Urban Siege in South Asia” The article speaks to the emerging threats we face and the preparation needed in an effort to prevent and respond to the threats we face. Some may claim this implies “greater police/security apparatus or resources” I submit a not greater, but better trained resource which is the message I take from the article.

This training would be to develop law enforcement and security operational art to meet strategic goals surround safety and security and implementing methods to include active shooter response and small unit tactics in response to an attack similar in nature to these emerging around the world. Operational art also included building resilient communities that work collaboratively gathering information that become actionable with the intent of preventing these types of events. Anyone who has read John Sullivan and Adam Elkus know they talk about full spectrum policing and security that consider the moral, mental and physical aspects of conflict and violence. This is a great article.


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