Threat Assessment and Management Workshop Wednesday October 28th at American Firearms School N. Attleboro, MA | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

This workshop has been taught to law enforcement officers, security officer sand military personnel throughout the country including :

  • The recent International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors annual training conference in West Palm Beach Florida June 2009
  • The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and Armorers Association annual conference September 2009 at Fort Devens.
  • UMASS Memorial Hospital Law enforcement and Security personnel September 15th &30th  2009
  • Alaska State Police will be hosting Fred Leland and Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc  who will present the Boyd Cycle and Adaptive Leadership on October 5th and 6th 2009
  • Williams College
  • Babson College
  • Personnel from Colby-Sawyer College
  • The workshop has also been presented to numerous Security Personnel contracted by the Department of Homeland Security, other colleges and universities, hospitals, places of worship and private enterprises. 

Course Description:

Principles of Boyd Cycle (threat assessment and decision making concept) are put to work in this course, which teaches risk and threat assessment and provides students with the means to project probable effects and outcome of unchecked risks. Learn how to use Observation and Orientation, Decision and Action (the OODA Phases of the Boyd Cycle) to minimize risk and enhance ability to assess threats effectively, enhancing safety in your specific environment.

Course covers the following:

  • The OODA LOOP (Boyd Cycle)
    • The human factor in threat assessment
    • Applications to policing and security
    • where the rubber meets the road
  • Importance of developing adaptive personnel and leaders
  • Rapid tactical decision making
  • Understanding Implicit versus Explicit information
    • Analysis and Synthesis
    • assessing threats thoroughly
  • Conflict defined
  • Threats and Risk assessment using the Boyd Cycle
    • What is a threat
    • Types of threat
      • direct
      • indirect
      • veiled
      • conditional
      • What’s real
  • Threat Motivations
  • Range of threats
  • Threat levels
  • Characteristics of those who attack
  • Survival Stress Response (how the Boyd Cycle helps control it)
  • Understanding the concept of Initiative
  • Understanding the concept of Deception
  • Understanding the concept of Adaptation
  • How to create and nurture an environment of decision makers
    • Decision Making Exercises
    • After Action Reviews
    • learn-unlearn and relearn
  • Collaborative efforts
    • a team approach to preventing and resolving conflict and violence
  • Attitude
    • initiative driven
    • Prepared vs. Unprepared
    • Forewarned is Forearmed
  • How the “Boyd Cycle” applies to
    • Threat assessment teams
    • Protection Professionals
    • Officers
    • Midlevel Management
    • Administrators
    • Investigators
    • Trainers
  • Developing Mutual Trust = Fast OODA Loop=Initiative=Good Intuitive Decisions


“I have taught and attended classes with Fred. He is an outstanding Instructor and has an uncanny knack at making his students understand the concepts he is teaching by including them in discussion and by providing real life examples. He truly cares about his work and it shows. He is a strong leader and commander both at his police agency and in his consulting business. His knowledge of tactics, and more importantly, the history and mechanics behind them, is top notch.” Sergeant James West Franklin Police Department

It was apparent throughout the two-day training that Fred has a passion for teaching the Boyd Cycle to law enforcement and security personnel. He fully understands the concepts and is able to convey their meaning to others. His sincerity and commitment was obvious to everyone in attendance. All participants remained engaged and never lost interest in the subject matter. Fred’s enthusiasm certainly attributed to their positive interaction and attentiveness.

Fred Leland is a dynamic presenter. He is thorough, knowledgeable, professional and committed to his subject matter. There was only one downside to his training for the Williams College Campus Safety and Security Department; simply stated, it should have lasted four days rather than just two.

One of the most impressive aspects of Fred Leland’s presentation is his ability to engage the audience. He possesses full knowledge of the subject matter and relates it to real life experiences so everyone can make the connection; concepts become reality for the audience.

Without any hesitation or doubts, Fred Leland will be invited back to Williams College to provide additional training for the CSS staff.” Jean Thorndike Director of Campus Safety and Security Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts

“…Passionate, enthusiastic; unique perspective and experience was important to have exposure to; clearly an expert in this area lending to high credibility among the group.”  Betsy Newman Dean of Students Babson College

“I have had Fred address my staff as a security consultant. His presentation was professional and he spoke as the expert he is. I would highly recommend him as a consultant, trainer or speaker.” Skip Brandt Director of Security at Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers Greater Boston Area

“The training that Fred provided to the company, I had previously managed was outstanding. He always brought real world scenarios and training ideas to my security officers. I was always asked for additional training from Fred as all of my officers enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy when teaching. His materials have been used several times by myself while deployed with the US Army National Guard in peace enforcement operations where the use of too much force could destabilize a whole region. I would whole heartedly recommend Fred for any training need you may have.” Kevin Maloney Shift LT Response Team Leader at Entergy Nuclear Corp

The workshop will take place at American Firearms School in North Attleboro, MA on Wednesday, October 28th  2009. Class starts at 9AM. Full day class

The workshop will be presented by Fred Leland current Lieutenant with the Walpole Police Department, and Director and Principal Trainer of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc

  • Cost: $120.00 per person. Send four from your agency get an additional seat for FREE
  • To register contact or call 508-298-2023

Remember to make things convenient for the client, LESC can bring this and other programs to your specific location as well.  You provide the training location and we’ll take care of the rest. For information on bringing the program to you please contact or call 508-298-2023

See: Threat Assessment and Management Flyer Bellow

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