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Sometimes it’s just too easy for officers in these communities to stick with the basics, run radar, rattle doors, and respond to calls — leaving the major crimes relatively untouched. Many departments lack of detective bureaus or major crime task forces. For the proactive, enthusiastic, patrol officer, you can (and you must) do some investigating of your own to try to take down these criminals using good old fashioned police work.

The  evolution of the small town and the “should be” evolution of small town policing. Great thoughts in this article on how to deal with the issues of crime in the small town. ~Fred

Terrorists ‘surgically implanting bombs

An operation by the UK intelligence service MI5 uncovered evidence that al-Qaeda was planning a new stage in its terror campaign by surgically inserting explosives inside terrorists, British newspaper The Mail on Sunday reported.

New meaning to the word adaptation.~Fred

New Training Video: Are Police Officers Ready For The Next Generation of Active Shooters?

LESC is pleased to announce Homeland Security Television’s ACTIVE SHOOTER 2.1. This video is an excellent training tool for active shooter incidents.  HSTV explores law enforcement’s preparedness for the Next Generation of active shooter threats. Featuring law enforcement trainer, Fred Leland of Law Enforcement Security Consulting Inc., you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

We welcome your comments at the conclusion of this video.

Fairfield, NJ Police Officer shot, critically injured

The three year veteran was on his way to clock in for his 12-hour evening shift around 6:15 Saturday night.

Investigators are not saying why he may have pulled over on Fairfield Road and Hollywood Road.

This officer was on his way into work and and somehow became involved in a shooting situation. Lesson! on or off duty keep your Boyd Cycle honed in. Last check the officer was in critical condition.  January 2010 there have been 18 officers killed in the line of duty…That is up 50% from last January! Lets make the mindset shift to that of a consistent relaxed state of superior situational awareness~Fred

Shooting of NJ officer prompts manhunt

UPDATE from above: The injured officer, Gerald Veneziano, 26, remains in critical but stable condition at University Hospital in Newark, Charlotte Smith, Essex County executive assistant prosecutor, said this morning.

Audio shows slain Ariz. officer was ‘wary’ at stop

“He’s not that happy to talk to me,”

A simple phrase from Lt. Eric Shuhandler just before he was shot and killed. Sometimes its the subtle that should send the loudest message when it comes to recognizing the signs and signals. Pay Attention and listne to yourself! ~Fred

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