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Are We Depending on, Good Luck…or Good Tactics?

By Fred Leland

“Boyd first used the term (fast transients) in his briefing “New Conception for Air-to-Air Combat,” which he completed in August 1976.  He defined them in terms of the ability to “both lose energy and gain energy more quickly while outturning an adversary.” The significance of this statement was that until about the late 1960s, fighter aircraft designers had concentrated on the ability to gain energy — fly higher and faster, for example — but not to lose it.  Boyd was suggesting that you needed both, and more important, the ability to transit between the two states quickly.” ~Chet Richards

Chet Richards’s new website, Fast Transients, is up and thriving. In a blog post, Chet discusses fast transients and the ability to get inside your adversaries OODA Loop, as Boyd put it, folding an adversary back inside himself. Chet states, “There are still plenty of unanswered questions, of which the most important is what does ’quickest rate of change’ mean if you’re not in air-to-air combat, where Boyd gives a precise definition?”

So what does “quickest rate of change” mean in the law enforcement and security world? In handling dynamic encounters, the phrase “time criticality” is often discussed. In this discussion there is often a misconception that to swing the benefit of time to your side, you must force the issue or, force the subject into action and always advance your position by moving forward quickly. Continue reading

Bullying…Defeat it with Strength of Character and Positive Confrontation (PC)

My good friend and fellow law enforcement officer George McNeil gave me the opportunity to speak with a group of about 30 or so of his Criminal Justice Students at Bridgewater State College.  The topic was bullying.

The discussion was about an hour long and after defining the problem of bullying, to include cyber bullying.  Discussed a few actual incidents of bulling from students in the class,  the focus of the conversation turned to  CHARACTER and its affect on preventing or deterring all forms of bulling.

I had read a book a while back called Walk the Talk by Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura. In the book they broke the word CHARACTER down like this.

  • C ommitment-to yourself and to others, never to accept or participate in Bullying!
  • H onesty-in all that you do! Be aware of SELF and OTHERS Behavior!
  • A ccountability-for all that you do, right or wrong…Own up, APOLOGIZE and move on!
  • R espect-one another and earn it! If you cannot say it too my face…Don’t send it  through cyberspace!
  • A ttitude-be focused on resolving problems with POSITIVE CONFRONTATION
  • C ourage-to walk the talk of our commitments…NO BULLYING ALLOWED!
  • T rust-must be mutual TWO-WAY and earned. Trust yourself to do what’s right!
  • E thics and Integrity-doing what’s right even in tough situations.
  • R esponsibility-for your actions, is paramount to keeping a Bully free environment!

Continue reading

Valley Village slaying suspect was fed up with being disrespected, police say

The two brothers were among a group of guests attending an afternoon celebration at the Hot Spot Mediterranean Restaurant in honor of a friend who had died in an accident a year earlier, police said. At one point, Nerses Galstyan allegedly began arguing with some of the men and then began shooting.

He was apparently tired of being humiliated and forced to do menial tasks, said Capt. Kevin McClure of the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division. Nerses Galystyan was captured on surveillance video leaving the restaurant after the shooting, McClure said.

An interesting news report  on how the little things (anxiety and stress, not getting our way) set people off into a violent rage, committing murder. The lack of RESILIENCE seems to be a key component in many of these incidents. People who commit these violent rampage mass murders just cannot seem to handle LIFE!  Excuse? No, but a possible explanation and hence an area to observe more closely in assessing potential threats …Of course the company you keep may have something to do with it as well.

HMMM…Not rocket science, is it? ~Fred

Calif. deputy’s daughter dies in accidental shooting

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Members of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department banded together Wednesday after one of its deputies lost a child when she accidentally shot herself with her father’s gun.

According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s office, 3-year-old Kalli Skogen died Tuesday from a gunshot to her abdomen. The coroner said that bullet traveled through her chest.

My thoughts and prayers go out the Skogen family in this tragic case of an accidental shooting. Please do not forget you carry a tool (GUN) that through carelessness can take a life. Its the little BIG things when it comes to firearms safety that matter!!! Put them away SAFELY! LEARN from this little angels tragedy.  ~Fred

Ga. officer dies in wreck on way to work

An 11-year veteran of the Henry County Police Department died in a one-vehicle wreck Tuesday night. Henry County Police Department Officer James “Jimmy” Franklin Carter Jr. was killed Tuesday night in a one-vehicle accident. He was an 11-year veteran of the Henry County Police Department.

BART fires second officer in station shooting death

OAKLAND, Calif. — BART’s Police Department has fired the officer who decided to arrest Oscar Grant moments before a colleague fatally shot the unarmed Hayward man Jan. 1, 2009.

Anthony Pirone’s firing Thursday was based on his actions as he dealt with Grant and four friends at the Fruitvale Station in Oakland, interim BART Police Chief Dash Butler said. Pirone made contact with Grant at least four times before Grant was shot, according to court testimony and video footage of the confrontation.

…Pirone and the young men shouted profanities at each other, according to testimony, and Pirone threatened the men with his Taser.

At one point, as Grant stood along the wall of the station platform, Pirone rushed toward him and appeared to pull him down, video footage shows.

Asked why he got physical with Grant, Pirone said during a preliminary hearing for Mehserle that Grant had advanced toward his partner, Domenici, then had tried to punch him and knee him in the groin.

Later, video footage shows Pirone shouting at Grant, “Bitch ass n-, right?” Under questioning, Pirone said he did not recall using the words. If he did say that, he said, it was in response to Grant calling him the same name.

Focus on this segment of the article and remember conflict unfolds in the physical, Metal and also the MORAL dimensions.  FOUR words (UNDERLINED) change the dynamic  of this encounter!!! ~Fred

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