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CHICAGO — Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis today spoke out against a request for the Illinois National Guard to be to deployed on Chicago’s streets to help tackle gun violence.

Stopping just short of outright rejecting the request from state lawmakers Rep. John Fritchey and Rep. LaShawn Ford, Weis said “I don’t think the National Guard is the solution.”

At a press conference earlier Sunday, Fritchey and Ford had called on Gov. Quinn and Mayor Daley to deploy troops. The action, in coordination with Weis, should be taken as soon as possible to help get guns and criminals off the street, they said. Continue reading

Times are most definitely…a changing! ~Fred

Report says suspect pursuits yield high fatalities

Bystanders account for one-third of those who are killed in high-speed police chases, a USA TODAY review has found.

The deaths have several communities around the nation wrestling with whether to restrict pursuits only to suspects in violent crimes.

About 360 people are killed each year in police chases, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It’s not about how we drive. It’s about the decisions we make behind the wheel. Too pursue or not to pursue? Let the climate and conditions of the environment dictate your tactical decision not EMOTION!!! ~Fred

‘Professional courtesy’ for NJ trooper raises questions

GLOUCESTER, N.J. — it had all the makings of a routine motor vehicle stop. Police officer Ronald Gorneau spotted a silver Toyota swerving and pulled it over. The driver, Sheila McKaig of Monroe Township, admitted she had drunk “a lot” before getting behind the wheel, according to the incident report.

Then she told Gorneau she was a state trooper, and the stop in Hamilton Township, Atlantic County, was no longer routine. Instead of being charged, McKaig was driven to the township’s police station, where fellow troopers picked her up. Continue reading

Ethics and integrity, while utilizing discretion, where do we draw the line? ~Fred

Brand You: Build Your Legacy

A short video from Tom Peter’s on building you legacy. Leaves the question, what did you do today to make yourself better? ~Fred

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