Sun Tzu Part 4: Defining True Leadership Posted at Information Security Resources | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

By Fred Leland, Founder of LESC

Next is the Commander. He must be smart, trustworthy, caring, brave, and strict. ~Sun Tzu

These qualities in my view describe a person’s character.

A leader must possess the strength of character to ensure they take all these qualities into consideration to be effective at inspiring others.

In the law enforcement and security professions, decisions need to be made at times rapidly in uncertain circumstances.

Leadership is the main component for ensuring a fluid decision making cycle. Leadership must reduce the friction through practicing these basic qualities Sun Tzu describes.

The intelligence of an individual leader and their ability to adapt that intelligence to the job at hand is a key component of leadership.

Leading by example is a powerful tool and a leader must have the knowledge of his job to insure others will follow. Continue reading

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