Sun Tzu Part 5: Methods and Sound Tactics: Posted At Information Security Resources | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

By Fred Leland, Founder of LESC

Finally you have your military methods. They shape your organization. They come from your management philosophy. You must master their use. ~Sun Tzu

Thus far we have discussed Sun Tzu’s theories on philosophy, climate, ground and leadership and there importance in developing a strategy to win without conflict.

Here we focus on methods which are developed and learned based our organizational and individual philosophy, and how that philosophy is emboldened by strong character leadership, which in turn influences our perception and understanding of the climate on the ground, and directly affects the decisions and actions we take in a given situation.

This is why Sun Tzu discusses the importance of the “five factors” for they allow us to understand the situation and develop an adaptive response in accordance with our overall philosophy.

Methods are the tactics we utilize to accomplish our mission and implement our strategy.

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